Photo Flick


Each photo is unique because it tells a story, allows a person to think about it, be imaginative and ask questions. In the case of people, it allows people to analyse what is going on inside one’s head. For scenery pictures, it has to do with philosophy, food for thought, envisioning something in life that one could imagine doing.

Pictures can tell a story and therefore, this page has been produced. Useful for the classroom but also for individual use, one can click onto the pics below and make an activity or discussion out of it, enabling people to think outside the box and talk about it with friends, colleagues and family members alike. Unless starred (*), all the pictures were taken by the author and are numbered in order with the location of the photo (and sometimes the year) included in each flick.

Photo Flick 1

Photo Flick 2

Photo Flick 3

Photo Flick 4

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Photo Flick 7

Photo Flick 8

Photo Flick 9

Photo Flick 10

Photo Flick 11 (G)

Photo Flick 12

Photo Flick 13


Check back here often as more photos are added. If you wish to contribute with a photo of your own, please contact Jason Smith at: