Photo Flick Nr. 28



Looks can bring more than a smile on your face. It can spell a sense of hope, one that you rely on in hopes that there is a better future ahead.

A couple of months ago, my family and I decided to create a garden on our balcony, consisting of not only vegetables, but also flowers. Unlike in the past, we decided to make it friendly for the insects- in particular, bees. We’ve seen a drop of over 75% of the insect population globally in the past 30 years, with causes of the decline being pointed out to the extensive use of pesticides for crops, urban sprawls coming at the expense of forests and other natural places of wildlife and lastly, global warming resulting in insects being pushed to unknown regions and sometimes towards extinction. One cannot stress the more importance of maintaining a fragile eco-system which has been pushed to the breaking point, especially within the last five years.

Weeks later, and with that, fully grown wild flowers, sunflowers and other native grasses, we received our guests with open arms, as bees have been feasting what we’ve been offering them- pollen from flowers and just in case, a quick stop for rest before moving on.

These two photos, taken up close, show how important bees are for our entire eco-system. One is a facial shot and one on the side. Without our friends, we could never have the fruits and vegetables that is served on the tables of every home around the world. And without food, life as we know it would not exist. It’s time we take action and even having wild grass and flowers is a start. I know we have a long list of items we need to do to ensure that the next generations can take advantage of the environment we can offer, whether it is planting trees, reusing empty buildings for businesses and accommodations, preserving places of natural and historic interest, using the bike or public transportation, reducing meat and changing our diet, or even embracing local travel instead of traveling globally. But every small effort such as this is a starting point.

So have a look at the pics, and ask yourself (-ves) this: What can you do to save our planet? Think about it.



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