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Created in 2010 and based on personal experience, the Flensburg Files is an online column devoted to German-American as well as multi-cultural topics that you normally do not see in mainstream media, but is brought up through discussions, alternative media sources and even experiences from those who have encountered them, including the author.

The Files looks at some comparisons between the two countries in terms of culture, way of life, problems the countries are facing and other themes. In addition, it features places of interest in Germany and elsewhere, as well as other places that are rarely talked about but is recommened to visit by the author.  And lastly the Files has tributes some some German and American greats as well as some themes that are not news related but are worth discussing.  All themes covered in the Files are based on the author’s experiences, yet they are also based on discussions brought forward by other expatriates, readers and the pubic alike. If you know of any German-American topics that you would like to see on the Files, contact Jason Smith at the Files, using the contact formula below:

The Flensburg Files has an Areavoices page, where you can keep up to date on the news. You can follow the Flensburg Files via facebook (Page/group), tumblr and twitter so you can receive blog posts and other articles pertaining to German-American current affairs. The facebook pages features an online forum where you can post your comments and questions for other followers to discuss. Click onto the links and join if interested. We’re happy to have you join. 🙂



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The Flensburg Files is a part of AreaVoices. Any use of photos and articles without any written consent is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.


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