Photo Flick Nr. 37- Corona Special

Today is day 1 of the partial lockdown due to the Corona Virus. Between now and the end of the month, all forms of sports and entertainment, combined with restaurants, bars and hotels are shut down, while the number of people in one group has been reduced to 10 people or two households. Exceptions are of course church services and professional sports (played without fans). It was interesting to see how people managed to take advantage of the last hours of “freedom” and enjoyment before re-entering a lockdown that has become unwelcoming but a necessity in order to reduce the daily infection rates and keep people safe.

At the Stausee Glauchau in western Saxony, many people took advantage of Halloween by hiking and biking, while enjoying the last game of “Wasserball am Boot”- a form of handball but played in a kayak and in the water. It’s a specialty sport for the city of Glauchau and its 23,000 inhabitants.

In the next month, there will surely be a handful of people walzing about for everything except for the bare necessities will be at a standstill. Not even this sport or fishing will be allowed here. It will be like in the spring, where not even tourism is allowed. We only go out for fresh air but mainly when it is absolutely necessary.

But if there is a silverlining, it is this: other European countries are doing the same and then some. France announced that only grocery stores and supermarkets can remain open only selling what is important for the life of its residents. Otherwise, the country is grounded. Spain has extended its state of emergency by six months. In Czechia, people must wear their masks everywhere, even outdoors. We should be thankful that what we have right now is modest. It could have been like in France, then we would have totally been in a different league.

Stay safe and stay healthy. 🙂 ❤

Photos courtesy of The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles.

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