In School in Germany

Typical one-room school church

In 2014, a series was created to look at the German school system and its comparison to school systems in other countries. Some of the articles listed is based on an internship I did at a German Gymnasium, but there are other articles that look at aspects of the German school system that are still talked about. Furthermore, there are some cool education tips for teachers and students to use both on and off campus. This does NOT include language aspects for there is a separate page on that. 🙂   The list will get longer so please check back for more.

General Aspects:

Great Expectations

Lehramt Studies at a German University

German School System

 45 Minutes

 Substitute Teaching or Flexi-Schedule?

A Typical Day a the German School

Early School Starts

The Use of the Chalkboard

The Importance of Writing in School

Strange American Accent

English Exams

Scheidungskinder: Children of Divorced Parents

Teachers and Burnout Syndrome

The Characteristics of being a Great Teacher

Doing Surveys in SchoolDoing Surveys in School

Common courtesy


Lessons in Small Groups

Communication is Key: Put the Phone Down- Short Story by Yorck Lindner + Analysis by Jason D. Smith




Activities for Students:

Inventions (a TED Talk with activities)

Question Tag

Ask the Ami

The Devils Advocate in the Classroom

The Black Box  r 🙂

Story Cubes


Guessing Quiz– Includes one on German immigration in the US, the answers and facts

SWOT Analysis and Nostalgia- Using Classic Games and Events to Compare the Past and Present


Jeopardy! (with a tribute to Alex Trebek)



Technology in the Classroom: 

Social Networking in the Classroom

(Cyber-) Bullying

Grandma’s Do NOT Wiki

Auto-Correcting Humanity (Genre)

The Beamer and the Laptop: An Inseparable Love Affair



Bilingual Education in Germany:


Survey on Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education from the Author’s Point of View

Bilingual Teaching from the School’s perspective: An interview

Story Cubes and Index Cards- thousand ways to learn English from it

Mock Debate and experiment using 1929


Understanding the US Presidential Elections from an Outsider’s Perspective:

Activity 1- Putting the Process in Order

Activity 2- Q&A on the Election Process

Activity 3- The History of the Elections

Answer Key for all three exercises




What to Teach in American Schools:

Geography: Quiz  and Answers

Environmental Studies