American Expats Living in Germany


In 2005, in connection with Germany’s 25 years, the Files started a series on Americans who left the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave to make their home in the Bundesrepublik. There are many reasons behind their wishes to emigrate there. Almost all of which are based on their personal stories. Since then, the Files has introduced a page looking at individual stories of Americans who left home to make a new home, looking at the advantages of living in Germany, comparisons between German and American life and lastly, providing some tips on how to live abroad. This includes the story of the author and his reason behind moving to Germany. The following stories can be seen below for you to click on and enjoy. More is yet to come so, check back on occasion. 🙂

Americans in Germany: From Lawyer to Writer

Americans in Germany: Local Heroes Part I

Americans in Germany: Local Heroes Part II

Americans in Germany: Going Glocal


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