Guest Columnists

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Sometimes ideas people have need to come out on paper to show to the public, no matter what it is. It could be tips on how to attract a blog better, some food for thought worth thinking about, a religious theme, an attraction people need to see or even a refugee’s story on why they moved to Germany. In any case, the Flensburg Files has a page section devoted explicitly for guest columnists whose column, blog, newspaper or other network focuses on aspects normally not covered here in the Files. Check out the writings posted from our guests and see if you would like to contribute here. If so, please contact Jason Smith at the Files and send him your work to be posted. Remember: 1-2 pages and make sure the content is easy to read and interesting for the people to think about. Happy blogging, people. 🙂

Works of Guest Columnists:

Keeping the Momentum and the Blog Clean- Stewart Tunnicliff

Why do we blog? – Anna Beatriz Ribeiro

The Böhmermann Affair- George Schorschi

Dear Truman- Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

100 Signs that you have lived in Germany too long- California Globetrotter

Black Friday and the Benefits of Christmas Shopping- Josh Wardini


Please check back here as more guest columns are posted. Some may also be in the Genre section. 🙂


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