Photo Flick Nr 94

Photo courtesy of Judy Allen, used with permission


The Aurora borealis is a spectacular event, where the night time showcases itself with a wide array of green, yellow and even red colors lighting up the sky. The sun has been releasing large swaths of solar flares recently, which has given the night sky something for spectators and photographers to remember by. While one can find these northern lights mainly in the upper part of the Northern Hemisphere, like in Alaska, Canada and Scandinavia, its rare to find them going further south into the USA, mainland Europe and parts of central Asia.

The past couple weeks has seen nothing less than unusual and at the same time, mystic. People have witnessed the Aurora at its best in areas that they least expect it. This photo was taken by Judy Allen and shows the northern lights shining on a rural landscape near my childhood town of Jackson, Minnesota. If it hadn’t been for the green colors, one could interpret this as a sunrise. Yet looking at it further, it reminds me of the introduction of a film produced by Universal Pictures, where the studios had its bragging rights presented before the film:

For the record, this production intro ran from 1998 to its replacement with its current production logo in 2012, in time for its 100th anniversary.

Nevertheless there hundreds of northern lights photos plastering the social media going as far south as Iowa, Nebraska and Illinois, but this one is one of my personal favorites, not just because of its location, but because of its uniqueness. Sometimes the rarest occasions happen to be the ones that are best appreciated. 😊👍



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