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The Flensburg Files also features a news project page, where a list of thematic categories are featured so that you can have a look at and comment on some of the articles written by the author. While some of the themes are based on what was mentioned in the mainstream news media but some aspects are being added, but also there are some that are rarely covered at all but are important, especially for those who want to know how these themes affect expatriates as well as German-American relations, just to name a few. Some of the projects currently being covered by the Files outside tourism and English include:

CURRENT EVENTS AFFECTING GERMANY AND ABOVE (Mostly for discussion purposes): 

Organ Donations Law– Should people be declared automatic organ donors when they die?

Speed Limits on German Autobahns– Should German Motorways have them and if so, how fast?  The Bundestag rejects latest proposal (2019)



New Penal Laws for Traffic (Busgeldkatalog) in Germany 2020:




Corona Virus Series (2020-present)

Corona and Travel

Travelling by Train (Frage für das Forum)*

Quarantine in Czechia*

Travelling on hold*

Closed Borders = Open Minds*

Lockdown Wanderlust List*



Corona and Environment

Man-made Epidemic*

Lessons Part 1*

Lessons Part 2*

Guests, Not Masters (Lit)

Protecting Wildlife*

Lessons Part 3- Connectivity, Responsibility and Awareness*



Corona and Medicine

Preventive Measures*

History in Connection with SARS*

Bill Gates Part 1

Bill Gates Part 2

Follow the Proper Approach



Corona and Politics

Angela Merkel Speech

FDR and the New Deal*

Reducing Unnecessary Discussion*

Failure in Risk Management*

The End of 9/11*

Prepare for the Ultimate Gaslighting by Julio Vincent Gambuto

Econimic Recovery?*

Is China the Blame? *



Corona (Misc)

Lessons in Equality and Humanity

Spoonful of Clorox by Randy Rainbow

The World After Covid-19*

We Stopped our World and the World Stopped with Us*



75th Anniversary of the End of World War II (2020)

May 7, 1945: V-E Day*

Victory May 9, 1945*

Flensburg: 23 May, 1945

12 of History’s Most Stirring and Profound Military Quotes*

The Search for Missing Soldiers 75 Years Later*


History and People:

Dachau: The Question I never asked my Father*

Displaced Germans after WWII*

A Veteran’s Journey*

Germans Reflect on Arrival of Allies*

Don’t Make Socks for Me*

Virginia Hall: How the Woman of No Important Became the Nazi’s Most Feared Enemy*

Lee Miller: From Being Seen to Seeing*

The Oversteegen Sisters- Seducing the Nazis*

How the West Lost the War at Yalta*

International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg*

Women and the Holocaust: In Their Own Words (also as literature)*


History and Literature:

They Went Left by Monica Hesse

Whispers of War by Julia Kelly

The Winter Army by Maurice Issermann

Not included: Wartime Bridges. Click here to access the page. 



100th Anniversary Bauhaus Movement (2019)

The Story of Bauhaus by Francis Ambler (book)

New Bauhaus Museum

100 Years of Bauhaus or the Myth of German Efficiency

New Museum (news from Richardsonian)




Peaceful Revolution Dates (Glocal)

Borders to Bridges Guessing Quiz    and      Answers

The Bridges at Checkpoint Bravo between Berlin and Potsdam

The Bridges along the Berlin Wall

Glienicke Bridge (Bridge of Spies)

Oberbaum Bridge between Berlin- Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain

East Side Gallery

Berlin Wall: Keeping the Memory Alive (Richard Quest-CNN)

Checkpoint Charlie: 1. Sausages


Leipzig: 1. Nikolai Church- the Start of the Demonstrations, 2. Light Festival  (Glocal),

3. 9 October Revisited (Cedar News Press).


Bayerische Vogtland Region/ Hof:

Hof Central Station

Brückenrasthaus Frankenwald  and Rudolphstein Viaduct

Sparnberg (Thuringia)

Gutenfürst near Hof

The Motorway 72 Saale River Crossing near Hof


The Three-State Corner (Drei-Staaten-Eck): Bavaria-Thuringia-Saxony


Other places along the Inner-German border:

Probstzella Railway Station

Dömitz Railroad Bridge 


Other topics/ Literature and Film:

Genre: The Magic Lantern by Timothy Garto Ash

Michail Gorbachev’s Speech: 1989- 30 Years Later (Time)

Life in the GDR: An interview via Leipzig Glocal

From the Attic: Film on the 40th Anniversary of the GDR

TYB: The Fall of the Wall- The Broadcasts (2014)

Teaching the Berlin Wall in the Classroom- An Author’s Perspective (2014)

Highlights from the 25th anniversary celebrations (2014)

Christmas in the GDR before 1989 (coming soon)



2018/19:  THE GREAT BLIZZARD OF 1978/79

From the Attic

Schneekatastrophe 1978/79 in Pictures

Literature Piece: The Big Snow




Martin Luther and the 95 Theses

Martin Luther and Indulgences- a modern perspective

Martin Luther and Homosexuality

Martin Luther and 2.0 Technology

Martin Luther and the Apple Tree

Sojourns and Sayings

Jesus Freak

Questions about Faith

500th Anniversary Events





Discussion in the Classroom- some tips

Bornholmer Strasse/ A Tribute to Gunther Schabowski

Highlights of the Fall of the Wall 25th anniversary celebrations

Taking You Back to the Fall of the Wall

GERMANY AT 25– Please refer to the page Interesting Facts about Germany



Refugee Crisis: A Chance or a Hindrance?

Wir sind das Volk als illegale Ansage?

How to Live in Peaceful Co-existence



United States of Africa

What is an American Dream? Does it Really Exist

The True Meaning of a Liberal

We’re Fine. It is You we are Worried About: Info-prying in America

US Elections Promotional Campaign

Thanksgiving and Food Quiz



Film Documentaries from the Attic

Der Große Schnee- Book

The Photos of Kai Greiser

* denotes Guest Column

If there is a theme that you would like to see brought up, please contact Jason Smith at the Files using the contact info below:

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