German-American-Multicultural Topics


The Flensburg Files also features a news project page, where a list of thematic categories are featured so that you can have a look at and comment on some of the articles written by the author. While some of the themes are based on what was mentioned in the mainstream news media but some aspects are being added, but also there are some that are rarely covered at all but are important, especially for those who want to know how these themes affect expatriates as well as German-American relations, just to name a few. Some of the projects currently being covered by the Files outside tourism and English include:

2017: THE YEAR OF MARTIN LUTHER AND THE 95 THESES- A separate page on this topic can be found here.



Discussion in the Classroom- some tips

Bornholmer Strasse/ A Tribute to Gunther Schabowski

Highlights of the Fall of the Wall 25th anniversary celebrations

Taking You Back to the Fall of the Wall


GERMANY AT 25- Please refer to the page Interesting Facts about Germany




Refugee Crisis: A Chance or a Hindrance?

Wir sind das Volk als illegale Ansage?

How to Live in Peaceful Co-existence



IN SCHOOL IN GERMANY  (Most stories based on author’s experiences)

Great Expectations

Lehramt Studies at a German University

German School System

 45 Minutes

 Substitute Teaching or Flexi-Schedule?

A Typical Day a the German School

Early School Starts

The Use of the Chalkboard

The Importance of Writing in School

Strange American Accent

English Exams

Scheidungskinder: Children of Divorced Parents

Teachers and Burnout Syndrome

The Characteristics of being a Great Teacher

Doing Surveys in SchoolDoing Surveys in School


Activities for Students:

Inventions (a TED Talk with activities)

Question Tag

Ask the Ami

The Devils Advocate in the Classroom

The Black Box  r 🙂

Story Cubes


Guessing Quiz– Includes one on German immigration in the US, the answers and facts

SWOT Analysis and Nostalgia- Using Classic Games and Events to Compare the Past and Present


Technology in the Classroom: 

Social Networking in the Classroom

(Cyber-) Bullying

Grandma’s Do NOT Wiki

Auto-Correcting Humanity (Genre)

The Beamer and the Laptop: An Inseparable Love Affair


Bilingual Education in Germany:


Survey on Bilingual Education

Bilingual Education from the Author’s Point of View

Story Cubes and Index Cards- thousand ways to learn English from it

Mock Debate and experiment using 1929

Bilingual Education from a School’s Perspective


What to Teach in American Schools:

Geography: Quiz and Answers

Environmental Studies




If there is a theme that you would like to see brought up, please contact Jason Smith at the Files using the contact info below:


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