Photo Flick Nr. 55: The Cats of Flensburg

When walking along the Roter Strasse/ Holm along Flensburg’s shopping mile, you sometimes see some things that are unique and unusual than the other tourist, whether it’s a gallery of hanging shoes, alleys narrow enough that your car doesn’t fit, 17th century houses with beautiful terraces, piers with shops on the water…..

Or this one.  A gallery of cats in the alley!

Of all the times I’ve been in Flensburg, this one was the latest that caught my attention. During an inner-city tour of Flensburg’s alleys and terraces, we came across some cats in the wall. That’s right, cats in the wall! When we think of cats, we think of the furry pets that always wants your attention, through purring, meowing, cuddling but also jumping on chests of people standing for a long period of time, like statues.

Growing up with cats, you know what I’m talking about.  Hence my passion for Garfield the fat cat who loves to harass Jon and Odie, eat the Italians out of house and home, pranks and dog-punting from the tables edges galore, etc.

It’s unknown whether Garfield’s creator, Jim Davis has ever visited Germany, let alone Flensburg, but he would enjoy the tour of the gallery of cats in the alley. In almost each alley, shop corner and along the street, one will find different kinds of cats, each one doing different things typical of cats. Each one has its own character. Each one painted on cat-level, meaning the same height as the furry pet that we all adore.

According to the tour guide there are no clear numbers of these cats in the wall that exist in the city center and along the mile, let alone who had the creative cunning for paintinig them, but they do provide Flensburg with another angle, one that is unique and worth thinking about- from a cat’s point of view.

We didn’t get to all of the cats because the numbers are huge, but like the tour of the Rum-Sugar-Mile, which I took many years ago and would highly recommend, finding them along the streets of Flensburg is a task that would take a day to complete, maybe more. Yet it would show you the corners of Flensburg that one seldom talks about.

Happy Cathunting, folks. 🐅🐈🧶





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