Lost Art Nr. 6

This type of lost art is kind of a way of saying good-bye while having our last drinks together. We talk about the great times we had together. We talk about the issues that set us apart. We talk about our best moments. We try to forget the worst ones. We talk about our love affairs with the others. We talk about bar-room brawls and fist-fight showdowns. We cheer for victories, yet show solidarity in defeat. We talk about the what ifs only to end up with should have dones. We talk about the times we got in trouble, yet we remember helping those in need of help. We give thanks to those who made a difference in our lives and wish the others a wonderful life, no matter where they go.

And with that, we finish our beer- the last drop, the last taste. The last laugh and the last good-bye. We part ways to different chapters in our lives, yet we never look back at the one we had. We will have challenges awaiting us but will remember what was taught to us. We will encounter new people along the way but will forever remember the ones we know- as friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbors. Our lives will on, but our memories remain forever,

Even when the beer is sitting empty.




Author’s note: This one is for all the students that came and went during my time as teacher, each one leaving a piece of memory at my doorstep with lessons in life, and each one hopefully remembering what I taught them for the future. This one is for you.




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