Photo Flick: Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II – Part 4

Bahadir Bermek



This is the last installment in the series dedicated in memory of Queen Elizabeth II. And of all the photos, film clips, poems and stories that have been posted, this photo taken by Bahadir Bermek, shows us everything. It’s a photo of a couple walking up the steps into a new world. And this photo is what I interpret when a person passes on. If one half leaves, the other stays behind and is given time to say thank you to those who loved the person and the couple all the years; the closest is when that person spends time with the closest- family. Elizabeth II valued family the most during her 96 years of life, especially 73 years of marriage to her significant other half, Prince Philip, who died last February. But also her children and grandchildren were her world, for she spent countless times with them. When Phillip died, the Queen knew her time would eventually come, which meant spending precious time with the people she loved, which was family. In the 70 years she was queen, her family grew, well beyond the Royal Family. Her family was the people of the UK, who thought of her as the Queen Mother, the rock that defined the UK. And it was through her that Europe became what it is today- a family.

And so we return to this picture, the one where after 70 years, it was time for the next generations to carry on. The picture serves as a reminder of the poem by Joanne Boyle. It was time for the Queen to say farewell and rejoin Prince Phillip, moving onto another life and new adventures, leaving behind memories and allowing for the family to grow further. Saying good-bye to the Queen may feel like the Lord leaving for Heaven, thus celebrating Easter, and someday, we will have a national holiday commemorating the Queen. But it’s not a sad farewell. Like Christ, we learned a lot from Her Royal Majesty and now, it’s time to continue with the Queen’s legacy, picking up where she left off.

And the Queen shall walk together with her husband to something new. God bless the Queen. ❤




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