11 Local-Approved Berlin Autumn Activities

Live Your Best Berlin Autumn with These 11 Fantastic Fall Activities While spring (aka Berlin’s cherry blossom season) is my absolute favourite time of the year, fall is a close second. There’s something so special about Berlin autumn: firey ivy clinging to red-brick buildings, crunchy leaves underfoot, sipping a hot beverage in a cozy cafe, and […]

11 Local-Approved Berlin Autumn Activities

The Salzweg: a circle near Storkow

Storkow is a small town in Brandenburg at the edge of the Naturpark Dahme-Heideseen, about an hour away from Berlin. There is a train station and you can get there with a transfer in Königs Wusterhausen. The second train is a very small one, on weekends mostly used by cyclists and hikers. In the area […]

The Salzweg: a circle near Storkow

How to Visit Görlitz, Germany: 11 Unmissable Sights & Photo Spots

Why Everyone Should Visit Görlitz, Germany At Least Once This post was written in collaboration with the City of Görlitz, whom I reached out to after a fabulous trip planned independently. As always, all opinions are my own.  When I heard about a city on the German-Polish border that wasn’t bombed during World War II, […]

How to Visit Görlitz, Germany: 11 Unmissable Sights & Photo Spots

Discovering Neuruppin

Set in the wide open of Brandenburg, less than one hour away from Berlin you find Neuruppin. It is a small town with a population of 30,000, yet birth place to a fascinating list of people, for example Karl Friedrich Schinkel, a famous architect who built the theatre on the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin and made […]

Discovering Neuruppin

Lost Art Nr. 6

This type of lost art is kind of a way of saying good-bye while having our last drinks together. We talk about the great times we had together. We talk about the issues that set us apart. We talk about our best moments. We try to forget the worst ones. We talk about our love affairs with the others. We talk about bar-room brawls and fist-fight showdowns. We cheer for victories, yet show solidarity in defeat. We talk about the what ifs only to end up with should have dones. We talk about the times we got in trouble, yet we remember helping those in need of help. We give thanks to those who made a difference in our lives and wish the others a wonderful life, no matter where they go.

And with that, we finish our beer- the last drop, the last taste. The last laugh and the last good-bye. We part ways to different chapters in our lives, yet we never look back at the one we had. We will have challenges awaiting us but will remember what was taught to us. We will encounter new people along the way but will forever remember the ones we know- as friends, colleagues, relatives or neighbors. Our lives will on, but our memories remain forever,

Even when the beer is sitting empty.




Author’s note: This one is for all the students that came and went during my time as teacher, each one leaving a piece of memory at my doorstep with lessons in life, and each one hopefully remembering what I taught them for the future. This one is for you.




Kleiner Feigling – The German Party Drink with Cult Status — More than Beer and Schnitzel

Kleiner Feigling, a fig flavored vodka liqueur, has become a popular German party drink since it appeared on the scene in 1992. By now the drink has reached… 867 more words

Kleiner Feigling – The German Party Drink with Cult Status — More than Beer and Schnitzel

German Of The Day: Das Sinkende Schiff Verlassen — Observing Hermann

That means to desert the sinking ship. Angela Merkel’s favorites have begun jumping overboard. After the CDU’s resounding election loss, and Angela Merkel’s lame duck hand no longer there to protect them, it’s time to say goodbye. Two of outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s closest political allies and most senior ministers will quit the German parliament […]

German Of The Day: Das Sinkende Schiff Verlassen — Observing Hermann

Photo Flick Nr. 53


Rock art has become a new trend when visiting Flensburg, and this one is no exception. This pic was taken at the tip of Holnis but on the western end. The tip is where the waters of the Flensburg Fjorde and the Baltic Sea meet, and with that, as you can see in the picture, are two different types of water currents, let alone the different colors of the sea water. The tip, with its unique artwork, divides the water and its different colors. More interesting is the fact that in the background is Denmark. Since 1920, the Fjorde has divided Germany with Denmark, though the area had once been part of one kingdom or another prior to that. Despite the division, both sides of the border have minorities which the respective countries have acknowledged and accommodated. This is what makes Flensburg a multi-cultural and cosmopolitan community- they speak your language and make sure your stay is a wonderful experience.

And with that, I will stop right there and allow you to enjoy this artwork.