Photo Flick Nr. 45

Normally, I’m not a fan of art which involved littering and pollution. But this one deserves recognition. It’s a work of art done with the camera that could be a winner in any photo contest. Yet the pic serves as a reminder of the problems we still face today but are ignoring. These problems are interdependent of not only the current issue with Covid-19 but also a much larger scale which needs our attention and our efforts, which are Global Warming and Pollution. As we keep wearing our masks we see more of them disposed of where they do not belong. Where there’s a ban on alcohol, there’s bootlegging. And where there is a plea to do something, it is responded with two words: “F—– YOU!”

What will it take for society to open its eyes and see the mess we are in? That many lives have been lost unnecessarily. That there are piles of garbage to clean up. That there is less clean air to breathe. That we’re having more and more environmental disasters like forest fires, flooding, drought, and unbearable heat. That we are losing our natural resources faster than we can ever count. That we have become anarchic instead of working together to solve these problems.

What will it take to turn this around? What will it take to reduce the garbage like this one? What will it take to return to a normalcy where we have four seasons, cleaner air, more natural places and an environment we can all live in?

That question I don’t know and may never will……



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