Photo Flick Nr. 17- Corona Special

Nighthawks by Edward Hopper (1942)  Public domain

This next photo flick in connection with the special on the Corona Virus takes us back to 1942. There, American artist Edward Hopper (1882-1967) painted a bar scene in New York at night, when there were only a few people enjoying their (final) drinks before going home to bed. Nighthawks received many international accolades and is considered one of the best realist paintings in the history of American art.

In connection with the Corona pandemic, one (unknown) artist decided to reproduce the Hopper painting and fit it into the current situation, where social distancing and the prohibition of public events are currently the norm:


This needs no further words or expressions. People are striving to return to normalcy, yet as we saw in a previous Photo Flick, normalcy before CoVid 19 was likely the cause of the new normalcy that we will have to put up with, even when the lockdowns and “stay at home” ordinances are lifted.  With that in mind, we will see many more of this picture in the future than what was painted by Hopper during his time.



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