Photo Flick Nr. 42- Corona Special

While we are talking about great comments in connection with the Covid-19 regulations and lockdowns that are happening in the US and Europe, a follower of the Files found this sign on a store in Minnesota which, in the truest sense of the word, features a special section for people who refuse to wear a mask in an indoor public place, out of principle and “morals.” As you can see, the business owner took people and profit seriously when he/she created this sign for reasons of avaoiding any type of liability issues that may come about when a careful maskwearer encounters a careless lawless “Maskenverweigerer.” Already verbal and physical assaults have occurred during the time of Covid-19 with most of it happeneing in the US. Sadly in the end, the loser pays a price.

So please, wear a mask. It saves lives. Otherwise you may end up isolated like in the pic above……. Let alone worse.

Stay safe, folks. ❤




Author’s Note: Thanks to Angie Moret for the pic.

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