Lost Art Nr. 4

This fourth Lost Art photo presents a true meaning when it comes to markers. 😉 This was found near the salt fields (Salzwiese) on the western side of the peninsula of Holnis, northeast of Glücksburg. Only a couple meters from that was an observation deck, where one could watch waterfowl roaming about along the Flensburg Fjord, let alone enjoy the view of the landscape. Why this bike helmet was placed at the pole is uncertain. We do know that it had a cool design logo on the sides and if taken and washed, it would make for a perfectly new, but used bike helmet.

Yet the biker who left this helmet on the pole, had left it there for a reason. Was it for decoration or for improving the signage along the trail? Was it for a selfie or for angering the wildlife naturalists at NABU? We don’t know, but it sure left a set of mixed impressions among us birdwatchers, who were scaling the area in search of Holnis’ waterfowl.



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