Guessing Quiz: What is This? The ANSWER!

On Day 5 of our Christmas Calendar series, I presented you with a quiz that has to do with this display here in this picture. If you haven’t tried it yet, maybe you should (click here).




Now we go to the answers. We had three questions and the results may surprise you.

  1. What is the name of this window decoration?

a. Yuletide Arch b. Jöölboom c. Yo-yo Christmas Tree d. Frisan Christmas Tree


ANSWER: The Jöölboom


2. Where will you find this decoration? Name the German state and the region both. (!: For the category region, there are two anwers possible)

State: a. Schleswig-Holstein b. Mecklenburg-Pommerania c. Berlin d. Brandenburg e. Lower Saxony

Region: a. Sylt b. Müritz c. Fehmarn d. Lüneberg Heide e. Halligen Islands f. Havelland Region h. Region Oder/Neisse i. Elbe River Valley j. Usedom k. Rügen l. Dithmarschen Region m. Hamburg Metro


ANSWERS: Schleswig Holstein in the Dithmarschen Region, the Island of Sylt, and the Halligen Islands, plus Lower Saxony.

The Jöölboom is a Christmas arch that is typical for the region once known as the Frisia, which covered parts of Schleswig Holstein, Lower Saxony western Denmark and vast parts of the Netherlands. Because the pine trees were seldom to find along the North Sea coast, this was used as a window decoration, featuring an arch covered with plants, and decorated with apples, cookies and wooden decorations. How they were designed was based on the regions- this one is typical for the Halligen with the decorations representing farm life. whereas in Sylt, the design is different and features mainly fish decorations.


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