The Perfect Present (A Christmas Poem)

Every year,the name of the game is:“Find the perfect gift.”You ask what I want,and my answer is just:“Don’t get me anything.”And, despite whatthe Christmas machine may say,yes, I really mean it.Your presence ismy perfect present,dearest friend of mine,and no amount of moneywill replace your gift of time.They say:“Life is short,”and I know it’s true,so here’s […]

The Perfect Present (A Christmas Poem)

2022 Bridgehunter Awards: Voting Underway

Photo by Geoff Duke on FINALLY! After several weeks that featured delays due to illness and other non-bridge related commitments, voting is officially underway for this year’s Bridgehunter Awards by the Bridgehunter’s Chronicles. Between now and January 21st at 4:59 pm Chicago time, 11:59pm Berlin Time, you have an opportunity to vote for your […]

2022 Bridgehunter Awards: Voting Underway

Many candidates from Germany and Europe are in the running. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to vote. 😊