Henry’s Wives by Eddie Boverington

This royalty poem was discovered shortly before the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and features a parody involving another Royal Figure, King Henry VIII. And like the poem, the king had a love affair with a lot of women, one of whom bore a child who would become the queen of England and made the country into a powerhouse, Queen Elizabeth I.

Enjoy the poem. 🇬🇧


Germany’s Fuel Cell Powered Trains

Superalbs, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0 The world is gradually turning to alternative fuels to hydrocarbon fuels. Fuel Cells seem to be a very good alternative to hydrocarbon fuels. Fuel Cells produce Hydrogen and Oxygen with water and heat as by products. Hydrogen can be used instead of fossil fuels to power vehicles. Hydrogen is a […]

Germany’s Fuel Cell Powered Trains

European parliament approves universal mobile devices chargers for 2024

The European Parliament approved new rules on Tuesday that will introduce in the European Union a single charging port for mobile phones, tablets and cameras by 2024, a world first that is expected to affect iPhone maker Apple more than its rivals. The vote confirms an earlier agreement among EU institutions and will make USB-C […]

European parliament approves universal mobile devices chargers for 2024

In a stunning first, Europe will have its first universal charging cables for all devices, beginning in 2024. A lot of advantages for a single-use cord, as you can read here in the CDE News article.


Mannheim, the Springfield of Germany

The other day I came across this barber shop in Mannheim. There was Homer and Marge Lisa and Maggie and Homer and Marge again: But where was Bart? I kept looking. And then … can it be?! Is one of them grown-up Bart? Photographing Public Art Challenge

Mannheim, the Springfield of Germany

All of know the TV cult series The Simpsons and some of us are fans of the typical American family. The family exists still to this day, including in Mannheim in Baden Wurttemberg, where this mural is located. More on this in the link provided by our guest blogger. 😎


Trees are getting bigger in response to climate change

Trees are feasting on decades of carbon dioxide emissions and growing taller as a result, according to a new study. The scientists tracked the volume of wood in 10 different tree groups from 1997 to 2017, finding that all but the aspen grew larger. During that same period, carbon dioxide levels went from 363 parts […]

Trees are getting bigger in response to climate change

Another reason why trees are badly needed to fight global warming…..


How Germany’s industrial giants are preparing for winter

BERLIN (Reuters) – Germany has managed to fill its gas reserves to 91.32% of capacity, allaying fears it could run out this winter after Russian gas flows fell sharply following European sanctions over the invasion of Ukraine – but it has come at a price. One in 10 mid-sized companies, which provide nearly two thirds […]

How Germany’s industrial giants are preparing for winter


Autumn Vibes

A golden path laid under my feet A golden path reminder of my blessings. Another year that my eyes can see As maple trees and oaks are undressing. The crumbling sound of the gold under my feet, Brings joy and satisfaction. As a child lost in reveries In the land created to perfection. The softness […]

Autumn Vibes

This poem looks at Autumn from a natural perspective. Enjoy! ❤️🍁


Fliegenpilz – Poisonous Mushroom and Good Luck Symbol

Fliegenpilz, toadstool, fly agaric – that’s just some of the names the poisonous mushroom goes by. Where the name comes from and why it’s also a good luck symbol, you’ll find out here.

Fliegenpilz – Poisonous Mushroom and Good Luck Symbol

It’s mushroom season in Germany and Anika Rieper of More than Beer and Schnitzel has some words and expressions that are associated with the word “Pilz”. 🍄

Click on the link above and enjoy. 😊🇩🇪


55 Amazing Color Photos of West Germany in 1961

West Germany is the common English name for the Federal Republic of Germany between its formation on 23 May 1949 and German reunification through the accession of East Germany on 3 October 1990. During this Cold War period, the western portion of Germany and West Berlin were parts of the Western Bloc. West Germany was […]

55 Amazing Color Photos of West Germany in 1961

Here’s a gallery of pictures looking at life in West Germany in 1961….


Europe braces for heavy oil refinery outages amid tight supplies

LONDON (Reuters) – A heavy oil refinery turnaround season in Europe this autumn, plus French strike action, is set to push diesel prices higher and tighten supplies ahead of a European Union ban on Russian refined products which is due to come into force early next year. In October, around 1.5 million barrels per day […]

Europe braces for heavy oil refinery outages amid tight supplies