RB Leipzig win their first major trophy

Leipzig’s victory is their first in a German Cup final, having lost in 2019 and 2021 RB Leipzig won their first major trophy, beating Freiburg on penalties to win the German Cup final after coming back from 1-0 down in normal time despite going down to 10 men. Maximilian Eggestein’s goal looked to have given […]

RB Leipzig win their first major trophy

Congratulations to the team from Leipzig on winning its first major title in its short but storied history. Quite an achievement after having a forgettable season. 😊⚽🏟️🥅


A day trip full of vineyards and hiking in Sasbachwalden

This post is the third and final one in my series on ‘Three days in Baden-Württemberg’. My first two days were spent exploring Stuttgart, and on the third day I wanted to get out of the city and explore the black forest region (what else did I come to Baden-Württemberg for!?). Sasbachwalden is a small […]

A day trip full of vineyards and hiking in Sasbachwalden

Media Genre- We Didn’t Start the Fire by Billy Joel

Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

In the third and final installment in a series paying Tribute to Billy Joel we look at what many have considered one of the best songs in his 50+ year career as a pop singer and musician. We Didn’t Start the Fire was released in May 1989 right before the events that started unfolding that led to the Fall of Communism and the End of the Cold War. The song looks at life in the aftermath of World War II and how society developed afterwards. It’s a song where one could really create some topics in the classroom and produce some lively discussion, regardless of which language and in which subject you teach it to. From my point of view, it’s good for not only foreign language but also history and anything with American culture as Billy Joel touches on all the events in these areas.

For exercises in class, I created something for you to do in class. It features a video -only exercise where you can do the following:

1. Watch the music video and make note of the lifestyles presented- in particular, identify the trends in the areas of:


Living Quarters

Household Appliances

Family Life

2. Categorize them in the following time periods:






3. Then listen to the song and the events mentioned by Billy Joel and categorize them in the decades as shown in Nr. 2. This may have to be done in small groups with each one assigned to a decade where they should listen and categorize. The song will need to be played at least two times.

4. Describe the lifestyle and the events of the 1990s plus another decade of choice as well as the present decade. Categorize them just like in Nr. 1-3. For those in music class, make it sound like the lyrics sung by Joel, meaning pay attention to rhythm and tone.

5. Compare the lifestyles between the present and one in the past. Which one is better and why? List your reasons why and keep in mind they can come from different aspects of study, such as history, culture, politics, sociology, etc. You may want to choose two different decades in the past to identify some trends.

How Germany beer bottle shortage is affecting the Industry

German breweries are warning there could be a shortage of beer bottles this summer amid rising production costs and a shortage of lorry drivers. The situation is “extremely tense”, the chief executive of the German Brewers’ Federation told German newspaper Bild. The shortage of glass bottles will mainly affect small- and medium-sized breweries, an industry expert […]

How Germany beer bottle shortage is affecting the Industry

You can’t make this up: breweries in Germany are asking consumers to return their beer bottles to grocery stores to be reused as quickly as possible. That includes any bottles stored in attics and cellars that are sitting empty. More in the link above.

It’s THAT bad. 😞🍻


Ice Cream in Germany

The German word for ice cream is Eis, pronounced similar to “ice”. This leads to countless renditions of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” by any North American English-speaker in Germany. In fact, it can be hard to get the song out of my head in summer because Eis is everywhere. A beloved summer tradition, it […]

Ice Cream in Germany

Germany in the USA and Canada

A Preview of German Place Names and Connections: From Leipsic to Winesburg When I first wrote about German Place Names in the USA and Canada more than five months ago, I realized that the topic was far more vast than I had originally thought. Since then, as I have continued to work on the subject, […]

Germany in the USA and Canada: Part 2

What’s in a Name? Exonyms: Köln vs Cologne, Donau vs Danube, Beijing vs Peking

Exonyms: Shape-Shifting Place Names “Munich” is the English exonym for the city that Germans call München. An exonym is a name used in a specific language for a geographical feature situated outside the area where that language is spoken, and differing from the original name (toponym). Another example is “Austria” for Österreich, or “Bavaria” for […]

What’s in a Name? Exonyms: Köln vs Cologne, Donau vs Danube, Beijing vs Peking

The Dandelions of Ukraine

She paints a different scenedifferent from the devastation of war.One of deep meaning to her people. Far from crimson-orange flames,bomb bursting flares in night skies,blood-stained rubble covered streets. She paints a girl with auburn hairback to us, looking out at sunburst skyin the midst of dandelion fields. Beautiful broadleaf perennial weed,dandelions bloom brightly yellow,steep in […]

The Dandelions of Ukraine