Heimatpafad Trail, The Black Forest, Germany

Photo by mali maeder on Pexels.com

This is an extended guide on a network of trails and places to visit in the Black Forest. Courtesy of Patrick and Peggy Burns of Footpaths.


Euro Zone Officially in a Recession

This was not expected as much of the continent has experienced stagnant economic growth caused by high inflation, high energy prices and the effects of the Russian-Ukrainian War. How long we will be there remains open.


NATO Air Exercises Expected in Germany and parts of Europe

Commercial flights may be affected by a large-scale air exercises to be conducted by NATO beginning June 12th. 25 nations and 10,000 soldiers are expected to take part. Already military aircraft has been seen flying around Germany and other regions in Europe.

Green Around the Gills

In English being Green can be environmental, but it can also be immature and naive- not being able to cope with reality. This one, used in both American and English, bascially describes the situation with the Traffic Light Coalition in Berlin; especially the Greens, whose altruism has led to many voters to go far right with the Alternatives (AfD), who is now the second most popular party behind the Christian Democrats. Read more about the definition by clicking on the embedded link above.

Anger therapy or the desparation of the people to plead with the government to listen to their needs?


Munich Day Trips: Castles and Palaces of Bavaria

There are plenty of palaces to visit by walking or taking a short train ride from Munich’s Marienplatz (the main square); however, a trip to the countryside to see castles built into the Bavarian Alps can also be a perfect way to break up your time spent in the big city and to learn about the history of the larger area.

Munich Day Trips: Castles and Palaces of Bavaria


19 Berlin Hidden Gems You Need to Know About

Where Are the Best Berlin Hidden Gems? Berlin is packed with historic landmarks, famous museums and bustling markets. But beyond the usual tourist spots lies a world of unconventional attractions waiting to be discovered. Here are 19 of the best Berlin hidden gems you won’t want to skip on your trip! Discover Berlin Hidden Gems […]

19 Berlin Hidden Gems You Need to Know About