Christmas Series 2022: Day 15

If there is one word that describes Christmas this year, it would be innovation. People have been innovative in creating gift ideas for others to enjoy. In particular, when it comes to vending machines, for no matter wherever you go, one will find food and beverage in a vending machine- namely those that have neither a Pepsi nor a Coke logo on it. 😉 Examples of such machines seen this year include canned or dried meat, dried vegetables, honey and even cooking oil. One could literally make a dinner using different foods from the vending machines.

If you add mulled wine (Glühwein) to the mix, one could really have a unique, exclusive Christmas fest with vending machine food and beverages without having to break the bank for the exclusive meat, like goose, venison, wild boar or even deer. The goose named Augustus would thank you for it.

Located five kilometers west of Werdau at the Saxony-Thuringian border is the town of Langenbernsdorf. The town of 3800 inhabitants made it to the history books, thanks to the beverage market Mehlhorn and its unusual invention: the mulled wine vending machine (Glühweinautomat). Since September of this year, this unique machine has been serving customers and passers-by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The process is just like a normal vending machine: punch in the number of the Glühwein you want, then pay either with cash or card. Door opens and you can take whatever you want. The vending machine is unique for it also sells gallon-jugs of the typical drink for Christmas. According to the owner, the machine is empty almost completely every day, which means it has been receiving some rave reviews of this invention.

The shop and the vending machine can be found just off the main highway (B175) at Hauptstrasse 36. The shop provides some locally homegrown stuff for families to enjoy, plus other sortiments of juice and wine. Only caveat to be aware of: After a very sharp turn, you come onto a narrow street, where parking can be a pain, as you can see in the picture above. Nevertheless, the visit is well worth it, especially if you are scrambling to get something last-minute for your Christmas dinner. 🙂

Bon voyage, folks. 🙂

Link to their website can be found here:



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