Christmas Series 2022: Day 20- A New Song by Ernest Rhys

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We will sing a new song

That sounds like the old: Noel.

We will tell an old tale

That has often been told: Noel.

We will build a tall town;

We will watch for the Star: Noel.

We will build a new world,

Without War.


This poem was written by Ernest Rhys (1859- 1946) and was published in 1906 in a collection of songs and poetry. It was later republished in a Treasury of Chirstmas Stories which was edited by Ann McGovern and released in 1960. Nevertheless this poem has some underlying meaning to this day, as we strive to have a world where we live peacefully and the doors of love open to everyone. This Poem goes out to the people of Ukraine who are spending their first Christmas in darkness because of the conflict with Russia. Let this be known that you are not alone and we will work together to build a better and independent Ukraine when the conflict comes to an end, for the sake of future generations. ❤




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