Christmas Series 2022: Day 22

Photo courtesy of Street Art NM

This painting, created by Flensburger influencer StreetArt_NM via Instagram, doesn’t need any further explanations. As mentioned in some earlier posts, Flensburg has some unique corners to discover, especially along the famous Shopping Mile (Roter Strasse) as one will see many paintings of cats in different outfits and settings. Dozens of these pictures can be found scattered between Südermarkt and Norder Tor, a length of over two kilometers. This painting cannot be found there but in a series of calendars, books and postcards that can be ordered online (see link at the end of this article. It’s a gathering of cats for a special celebration. 😸🐾🎄🎉

This day brings with you the answer to a Guessing Quiz I presented in Day 5, but also a travel tip that takes you through the history gallery of Christmas. The place mentioned is only an hour SW of Flensburg along the North Sea. Enjoy the surprises! 🎁

Guessing Quiz Answer:

Travel Tip:



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