Christmas Series 2022: Day 19

The World’s full of lonely people, afraid of making the first move.

-Viggo Mortensen


This day brings you a creative gift idea for those who love to travel, meet new people and experience new cultures and for those who are single, find their first love or even their new one. And even if some have families, it would be a great experience for all ages. Check it out, together with another surprise from another blogger. Enjoy! 🙂

Link 1: Wander Buch: Diary for Tourists

Link 2: Full Moon Folklore




Wander Buch: Diary for Tourists

When I was a college student, my college classmates and I traveled to Europe for a month, visiting seven countries, most of them capital cities. It was there where one of my hobbies started, which was collecting embroidery patches. Each embroidery patch represented a place where I visited and until they were more or less phased out five years ago, I had collected over a hundred of them from 13 different countries including my own home country- from Geneva in Switzerland to Berlin; Budapest to Copenhagen.

While visiting Pulsnitz during this tour, I found a new way of bragging about places to visit. Most recently, a publishing company known as Wander Buch (EN: Hiker’s Books) has introduced a Booklet for Tourists. The booklet consists of over 100 pages, two pages represent the places where you visit. On the left page you have a place where you can place a Hiker’s Sticker in a space made available. That space has a series of symbols where you can mark everything you can describe your stay- from the weather to the form of transportation you used to even the places where you lodged or camped. On the right half of the page is space where you can write in your comments, add photos, stamps and other items and even collect autographs. The Hiker’s Book has special offers and contests for you to participate in to win some prizes.

I had a chance to add my first sticker on my visit, which was Pulsnitz. It was a small town that has a unique history as you can see in my article (click here). Yet it is the first stop of what will be many to come. The booklet is for places in Germany and all points out east yet if successful, I can imagine it expanding to other EU countries.

 The travel booklet is a great opportunity to collect some experiences through collectible stickers, personal commentary and the like. Especially for those who love to travel and explore new places is this Tourist Book a must. It’s not just for the bragging rights, it’s more for the personal experiences, many of which you can make note of before you expand it further in a full-fledged articles, like I usually do.

More information on the Tourist Book can be found here: