Christmas Series 2022: Day 10

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In God’s sight, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas whenever we rediscover the simplicity of His love and bow down in thankfulness and worship, where we are and whatever our circumstances

David Jeremiah


This date brings you a story about the Gingerbread- something for you and your children, as well as in the classroom. Click on the link below and have fun with this exercise!

Link: The Gingerbread



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Guessing Quiz: The Gingerbread



On one of the trips we made during this year’s was one of the hubs for producing a Christmas past time- the gingerbread. Christmas is not Christmas without a cup of mulled wine (Glühwein) or hot chocolate plus a tasty gingerbread cookie. Known in German as the Pfefferkuchen, the gingerbread has been around for as long as Christmas markets have existed and even earlier than that. But what do we know about the gingerbread?

This is where this Guessing Quiz comes in. Five multiple choice questions and a matching exercise await a challenge from you. How fast can you catch the gingerbread man and get the answers all correct? Try it out. The answers can be found by clicking here. Enjoy! 🙂


Multiple Choice:

1. When was the gingerbread first mentioned in the history books? a. 2400 BC b. 100 BC c. 1500s AD d. 1600s AD


2. Which ingredient does NOT go into a gingerbread? a. Pepper b. Honey c. Nutmeg d. Cinnamon e. Ginger


3. Where was the first gingerbread invented? a. Germany b. Greece c. France d. Czechia


4. Which country has been producing the traditional gingerbread man to this day?

a. Sweden b. Poland c. Germany d. Denmark


5. Which town in Germany does NOT produce gingerbread? a. Husum b. Pulsnitz c. Nuremberg d. Ulm



Match the names on the top half with the interesting facts on the bottom half. Write in the letters in the blanks provided.

  1. Robert Gaston Herbert _______
  2. Manfred Liere _______
  3. Nicolas Appert _____
  4. Bryan Donkin _____
  5. Thomas Huntley ______

A. He started the concept of conserving foods

B. He collected over 3000 antique gingerbread tin cans  and donated them to a museum in Pulsnitz before his death in 2018.

C. He became the first confectioner to decorate the gingerbread tin cans.

D. He was the author and illustrator of the story The Gingerbread Man.

E. He was the inventor of the gingerbread tin cans.