Christmas Series 2022: Day 9

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Space. An endless mile of matter that keeps us apart but it also brings us together. Space is one of the defining moments of love, where even though there may be space separating two souls, it’s the same space that keeps us together, inside that realm, that room, that place where we call home. Home is where our space is, filled with love and happiness. Filled with joy and hope. Filled with two loving souls, their offspring and all.

I’m not going to go further than this in Day 9 of the Christmas Calendar series and allow you to think about it by yourself and with the ones who love you. However, I am going to present you with a two-pack Christmas video where space plays a key role in loving one another. In both video to be shown below, space kept two loving souls apart but it brought them together, creating a space called home.

In 2019, I presented this feature Christmas commerical in the Files’ series featuring E.T. and his reunion with Elliot after a long absence. And with this, he befriends his family. After being separated by space for a long time, it was time for our little character to reappear and create a Christmas that was memorable for the entire family. E.T. was released 40 years ago in 1982, and it was the film that not only smashed box office records during that time, but it sent the career of Steven Spielberg, the creator, soaring to new heights, making him a legend in his own time. It is still considered one of the top five best films of the 20th Century and one where there has been no sequels nor will there be one. Original is original and that is how movies should be made like that.


The second Christmas commercial had a different type of space with a twist a fate. It was that of a young boy with a very weird ringtone on his Smartphone that went off while on a train, which attracted the attention of a young woman, who had been reeling with a broken heart but whose ringtone of his brightened her day. The man writes down his number on his lottery ticket and throws it out the window at the station she got off. It was her task to find him, though the space was wide and deep and she engaged in a odessy, to find him and in the end, surprise him. The ending of the story was like the beginning- Love with that crazy Ringtone.

This commercial was as emotional as the one with ET released in 2019, but they have one common variable, and that is space. Space can separate us, but it was bind us when two love souls come together, creating a space of their own, and adventures to write for years to come.

And that’s one of the reasons Christmas is a special time of year, in my humble opinion.