Merry Christmas by Elton John and Ed Sheeran

plus Candle in the Wind

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2022 is the year of John’s departure. Already mentioned in Day 2, the world is still reeling from losing a woman with a gentle voice in Olivia Newton-John. She died on August 8th of this year after an on-and-off battle with breast cancer, leaving behind almost 60 years of music that will go down in history as one of the best of all time.

2022 is also the year Sir Elton John is leaving the music scene. After a colorful 60-year career, he is currently wrapping up his music career with his retirement tour of his own. By this time next year, the 75-year old will enjoy some downtime to the fullest, sharing his memories with his loved ones, both near and afar. And it was a fruitful one, for after his release of Rocketman in 1972, he rose to stardom where he has stayed up there ever since, with songs like “I’m Still Standing, Club at the End of the Street, I Don’t Wanna Go On With Your Like That, and Heeling Hands,” just to name a few of the 80s songs that were popular during my childhood. “Candle In the Wind” will most likely be his crown jewel piece for when it was first composed in 1973, it was dedicated in memory of Marilyn Monroe (but he used her real name Norma Jeane). It was then reproduced in 1987 and was played 10 years later in honor of Princess Diana.

While Olivia and Elton were not directly related, they became close friends during their early stages of their music careers and remained that way until her passing. They even played a duet in Candle in the Wind, which was presented live in 1980. Here is their piece:

In his statement in response to her death, Elton mentioned:

“Olivia was a beautiful and courageous woman, who I never heard complain about her illness. A beautiful voice and a warm and loving friend.”




Sir Elton John inspired many people in the younger generations to follow his footsteps, including Dua Lipa, Brittney Spears, and this rising star, Ed Sheeran, with whom they did a duet last year about Christmas. The piece was released right in the middle of the Corona pandemic, which caused frustration not only because of losing loved ones to the virus or struggling to recover from the virus, but also the misunderstanding on how to deal with the virus, combined with the misinformation from extremists’ ends. It was a song that was supposed to shine a light on the meaning of Christmas, which was joy, peace, love and happiness, yet it managed to skip over to this year. 

And rightfully so, for we’re seeing the virus disappear and life is returning to normal. Even the snow is falling, which makes this song the perfect fit for this holiday season. So without further ado, here’s the music piece bearing the joy of Christmas!



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