Lost Art Nr. 7


Wanna build a sand castle, anyone? 🏰🏖️🐚

Here’s an interesting fact: sandstone brick factories existed in Schleswig-Holstein until the early 1980s, producing the light-brown rectangular shaped stones that would be used for building houses and stone fences. There used to be one near Glücksburg, located not far from where this pic was taken at The Cliff at Holnis. The bricks that were not useable were left here to be “sacrificed” to nature.

For erosion protection, the purpose of reuse for kids, or simply a tourist attraction we have no idea why these piles are there. But it makes for some great pictures 😉.


“The end of the oil age”… Is the world ready now?

At a time when the climate crisis has put the “end of the oil age” on the agenda, achieving it remains a difficult task, given the global economy’s heavy dependence on fossil fuels. The activist in the Association of Oil Change International, Roman Iwallan, considers that many developments in 2021 “clearly showed that the (petroleum)…

“The end of the oil age”… Is the world ready now?