Christmas Genre: The Holiday Ride

Photo by Markus Spiske on

Holiday Genre🎄❤️🕊️

2021 is the year many of us are wishing to forget right now. It was the year which was dominated by Covid-19, political instability, global warming and all of the uncertainties that we’ve been facing and will be for a long period of time. It was a year of loss, not just in terms of businesses and livlihoods, but also of people we knew in our lives. Family members, friends, neighbors, family friends, local popular figures, you name it. These people, whose lives were lost to Covid-19, other illnesses like cancer, drug overdoses, and violence (just to name a few), were people of their own character. Each one had own story to tell, songs to sing, talents to present, recipes to share, anything that made them unique in their own way.

And this is where we have a heart-warming Christmas commerical produced by Chevrolet. It’s entitled the Holiday Ride and the person in the commercial, a father in his late 50s/early 60s, he’s grieving from the loss of his wife. The wife had a convertible in the barn that was sitting unused for a long time. While he puts a fresh Christmas wreath on the door to that barn everyday in his first holiday without her, his daughter came up with an idea that would not only bring back memories of her parents when they were still together, but warms the heart of her father who was grieving in loss.

And with that, here’s the clip:

The reaction of the father was priceless. “It’s what Mom would’ve wanted” was the cherry on top. It’s one that people should see.

So let’s look back what the people we lost left behind and use their wisdom and wit to make something better for the future. After all, the younger generations are expecting us to do better. But we can only do better if we learn from those who taught us, showed us and most importantly, loved us in the past (and will always do)

There were several reasons for not doing the Christmas Market tour for the Files this year. This was one of them. I want everybody to reflect on what’s happened and what we can do to make it better for everybody. Afterall, individualism is out. A collective We is what’s going to get us out of the chaos we’re currently in.

Merry Christmas Everybody! And stay safe out there. Love the ones you cherish the most!❤️