The Holiday Grief Letter

I happened to come across a letter written by an unknown person that hit the heart. Covid-19 has had an impact on the lives of people across the board. Family members, friends, neighbors, acquaintences and people popular have succumbed to the virus in the thousands. And with hospitals overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients, we have lost additional people because they were unable to get the treatment for other diseases. These were people with their own character, with ideas on life, with recipes, talent and all that have vanished, just like that. Some may say that it doesn’t affect them, but in all reality, they will if it hasn’t already.

So read this letter and let it sink in. It’s time we all come together and listen. Listen to reason. Listen to facts. Listen to our loved ones. But most importantly, listen to our hearts and to God. Only then will we get through this and strive for something better…….


To the person who wrote this: Thank you. This one is for all those whose lives were cut way too short- lives that could have been saved. 🕊️❤️