Italian church apologises after bishop tells children ‘Santa does not exist’

A Roman Catholic diocese in Sicily has apologised to parents after its bishop reportedly told a group of children that Santa Claus did not exist. At a religious event last week, Bishop Antonio Staglianò also said Santa’s red costume had been chosen by Coca-Cola for publicity, Italian media report. The comments infuriated parents. In an […]

Italian church apologises after bishop tells children ‘Santa does not exist’

Poinsettia or Weihnachtsstern – The Ultimate Christmas Flower

The Christmas season calls for Poinsettias or as Germans call them Weihnachtsstern. Imported from Mexico by Joel Roberts Poinsett it became popular through clever marketing by the German immigrant Ecke family.

Poinsettia or Weihnachtsstern – The Ultimate Christmas Flower

Here’s a look at the history of the Poinsettia, the universal plant for Christmas. Thanks to Anika Rieper for the research and interesting story. 😊👍 You’ll find them in Germany, the USA and beyond. Have a great third Advent. 🕯️🕯️🕯️⛄🎄

“Familiar Fairy Tales-The Gingerbread Boy” — Sacchariferous Scriptures

Gingerbread is frequently eaten at Christmas in either the form of a Gingerbread man or a Gingerbread house. For all, you know the Gingerbread man lives in the house. To be frankly honest, I am not a big fan of gingerbread. I had my full of it when I was around age ten or twelve. […]

“Familiar Fairy Tales-The Gingerbread Boy” — Sacchariferous Scriptures