Photo Flick Nr. 56- Christmas Photo

As we enter what is considered by many as to be the most difficult Christmas season in our lifetime due to Corona and the supply chain crisis leading to products being emptied before the holidays even begin, one has to think if there is a creative way to give something to their loved ones for Christmas.

This is one of them. Photographed by flensfluencer (the page is on Instagram), this was found somewhere in Flensburg and as described in the post, it’s simply an artwork vending machine, where you pay to choose an artwork that you can surprise your loved one with.

Judging by the example presented in the machine, it looks like one that has some great taste, but also has room for interpretation in terms of what the painting is, and whether this scene rings a bell, given the fact that Schleswig-Holstein once had an advanced system of canals for boat traffic, but they are now used as sponges to soak up the water from the two seas during the times of high tide (Flut).

But I doubt that is the case and there are many other paintings in that machine, each with its own set of taste and interpretation. Nevertheless, it does present a person with an incentive to hit the leaf with the ink and make something out of it for someone.

Some food for thought there. 🙂