Most people are wrong about the primary goals of Roosevelt’s economic moves.

via Hiltzik: FDR’s New Deal has lessons for the coronavirus crisis — The Mercury News

Analyst have been predicting that the Corona Virus, which has brought the world to a virtual standstill costing millions in employment and billions in revenue, could lead us to the next Great Depression. The Great Depression started with the Great Crash in October 1929 and ended with the outbreak of World War II in 1939. The USA entered the war in 1941.  Many people do not know much about the policies of Franklin D. Roosevelt, whose New Deal brought America back from the ruins and reshaped the landscape to what we see today- both in terms of infrastructure and environment as well as social systems, including Social Security.  Many countries, including those in Europe, as well as Japan, China and New Zealand have policies of the latter today that are based on the New Deal initiated by FDR.

But what exactly is the New Deal? Check out this article abive to find out. After reading it, ask yourselves what type of New Deal would be needed, should the world go into its first depression in over 90 years. This includes any new deals that include our environment, climate change, social disparities and improving the infrastructure.





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