Coronavirus(COVID-19) , Mother Nature , Climate Change & Post-COVID-19 phase

And here’s the second one.


I just found out the news that China will be lifting the travel ban on Hubei province,including Wuhan where it was the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak.

Lock down was enforced since January  and just a few weeks ago in that month ,there were signs that the air pollution in China especially in those 2 places had cleared significantly. I believe the International Space Station can look down from above to see that the air quality is now so clear,as if of perfect quality. By March, the incidence rate had already gone down significantly, in fact, less than 10 affected with that virus.

Hubei’s travel ban will be lifted soon while Wuhan will have theirs lifted, I believe from April 8 on. Gradual return of everyday services with frequent health-checks will be in play.

That is something that I am looking forward to as well. it would be one hell…

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One thought on “Coronavirus(COVID-19) , Mother Nature , Climate Change & Post-COVID-19 phase

  1. The world’s people are so mixed up and confused. I could have never imagine such a divide. Everywhere there is a divide. People huddle and divide without knowing why. Prayer is the only answer and weapon! Great information for the most part in your blog. I appreciate the accounts of history. 💕☕️☕️

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