How the Peaceful Revolution began with prayer at a Lutheran Church in Leipzig and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall

Bishop Michael Rinehart

I often shake my head at the church and mutter, “Is this what Jesus had in mind?” And then I think of St. Nikolai Church and the Peaceful Revolution. I believe this is indeed what Jesus had in mind.

The beautiful Church of St. Nicolas, the oldest church in Leipzig (Houston’s sister city) was founded in 1165. By 1965 it was located in East Germany, The GDR (1949-1990): German Democratic Republic. It was a communist state, part of the Eastern Bloc, occupied by Soviet forces, controlled by the Stasi, secret police (Staatssicherheitsdienst), and walled off by the Berlin Wall. The Stasi’s main purpose was spying on the population. Many people were killed fleeing, shot, or blown up in land mines.

Nikolai Kirche was a sanctuary, a safe space, where, even in the GDR, one could speak freely.

The pastor at St. Nikolai began with prayer, every Monday. A…

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