‘Women and the Holocaust: In their own words’

While covering the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II, this article came to mind as I came across it a while back. It looks at several women who survived the terror of Naziism and the Holocaust and lived to write their stories about it. Here are their stories….

London Life With Liz

The second talk I attended at the
Henley Literary Festival was given by Agnes Grunwald Spier – one of the
youngest survivors of the Holocaust. Agnes has just published a book called
‘Women and the Holocaust: In Their Own Words’.

In 1944, two years after her parents married, Hungary was invaded by the Nazis. Within months, Agnes’s maternal grandfather had disappeared, last seen on a bus stopped by Nazis searching for Jews (years later, the family discovered he had been murdered in the Auschwitz gas chambers).

In the meantime, Agnes’s father
was taken away by Hungarian fascists responsible for implementing anti-Jewish
legislation. Sent to the Russian Front, he undertook forced labour. Her mother
was left alone in Budapest, “surrounded by women, elderly people and children”.
Pregnant with Agnes, she moved into ‘alternative housing’.

Somehow, Agnes and her mother survived the war and the Budapest ghetto, Agnes’s mother valiantly continuing to…

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