We stopped our world and the world stopped with us

The Corona Virus has changed the world in many ways and aspects. This guest column shows us one way Covid-19 changed and that is the psychological aspect. After having gone through a rat race, this author found some time to take stock and make the changes necessary for the better of one’s physical and psychological well-being. Her story should serve as an incentive for all of us to consider.

The Lean Thinker

Let’s start with the WHY. Why did we stop our world?…

  • To remove pressure and reduce stress
  • To give our souls, minds and bodies a break
  • To step off the treadmill of life
  • To refocus and appreciate the small things
  • To admire the world and its boundless beauty
  • To become better versions of ourselves

Jonathan (my Husband) and I had reached a point in our lives where we wanted (and needed) to press the “pause” button. We have been working very hard for some time, and the last few years were challenging for both of us. Constant pressure and stress on the home and work fronts had impacted our bodies and minds and we were wondering – “when will it end?”. We had lost the delicate balance between our priorities in life and it seemed time was running away on us quicker than we could ever keep up.

I am…

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