A guest column on what our world will look like after the Covid-Lockdown. While this one looks at the severe impacts on third world countries, this virus will impact everyone from rich to poor globally.

The Social Vigilante


The most common misconception which is being spread that Corona Virus treats us equally whether we are rich or poor, but in fact it doesn’t neither on medical front nor economically, socially or psychologically. Everyone these days is bit exited and optimistic about life post this lockdown, a world free from COVID-19. Posts related to “Post Lockdown Shenanigans”, “Post Lockdown trips & parties” are trending over all social media circles from Facebook to Twitter, entire world is hopeful for a better tomorrow. But are we going to see a new dawn or life is going to change forever for many. There are so many questions but only few answers, let’s find out how the world economic bodies or labour organizations foresee the life after lockdown.

Changing World Scenario

The world had become a chaotic place even before the spread of COVID-19, with rising of ISIS to extermination of Rohingyas…

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