One of the highlights for me, on my visit in Warnemunde, was the Living History Museum. I am very interested in family history and looking into the way other people live. This fisherman’s cottage dates to 1767 and presents the way of life for many of these villagers over the years. There is also a […]

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Leaving “the Teepott,” we are headed to the main shopping area of Warnemunde, but my thoughts are on the little fisherman’s cottages that are everywhere! You can see how wide the street is here. I didn’t see one car, so I think the village is pedestrian only. Or, maybe there are no cars because it […]

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Millions of men would come to be grateful that Frenchman Louis Réard, a car mechanic, had an unlikely sideline in the 1940s: he also looked after his mother’s lingerie boutique in Paris. And from there he created the bikini, which was unveiled on this day, July 5, 1946! European women first began wearing two-piece bathing […]

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Rick Steves is a travel evangelist, always in motion, traversing faraway places and inspiring others to do the same. So when the world shuts down, and Rick Steves can no longer travel, then who is Rick Steves? Sam Anderson, a writer for The Times Magazine, profiled the travel guru last year. Today, Sam asks Rick […]

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Many of you have probably heard about Rick Steves and his European travels at one time or another. If not, he has been doing documentaries and tour guides on European Travel for over 30 years. Like the rest of us, Rick Steves was also grounded by the Corona Virus as it has shut down air travel between the US and Europe. Henceforth he is spending his first summer vacation in 30 years- at home.  I have a pair of articles for you to read about his experiences and how Covid-19 will impact the way we travel in the future. In the link above is an interview done by the New York Times. In the article below by the Washington Post is the future of travel from his perspective. Both are something we need to take into consideration once the vaccination is developed and the virus disappears.


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NEW YORK — European Union countries eager to revive their economies are prepared to block Americans from entering because the United States has failed to control the coronavirus pandemic, the New York Times reported from Brussels on Tuesday, citing draft lists of acceptable travelers. The United States, which has the most coronavirus cases in the […]

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NBA star Russell Westbrook has stepped into the arena of films by announcing that he is producing a series centered around the 1921 Tulsa race riots. On Tuesday (Jun 9), the Houston Rocket guard announced via Variety that he was executive producing the series, titled “Terror In Tulsa: The Rise And Fall Of Black Wall Street” in collaboration with documentary filmmaker Stanley Nelson and the production company Blackfin.

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In my 13+ year career, I’ve worked in an office setting, from home, a mix of a both (and spent a fair amount of time in coffee shops). Here are the pros and cons of each. When I started my first job after graduating college, I worked in an office in Salt Lake City. It […]

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Many companies have always stressed the importance of team work and therefore are more willing to have employees work in the office in a company setting than to allow for working at home. This guest column looks at the comparison between working at the office versus working at home as well as the pros and cons of the former. Something to think about, especially during the time of Corona.

The commander in chief has ordered US troops out of Germany…..not all but just a few….. Growing US-Germany tensions have reached the point where the Trump Administration has announced that 9,500 troops will be returning from Germany. This will leave 25,000 US troops there, which is the new “cap” for maximum troop levels. The US […]

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An analysis on President Trump’s plan to pull 9500 US troops out of Germany.


His plan, however, did not sound fully defined.

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As much as many people have feared it would happen, and despite stiff opposition from both sides of the Atlantic, President Trump has called on the withdraw of 9500 troops stationed in Germany. The expected number of troops will be reduced to 25000 by the end of the year, if all goes as planned. Details and commentaries in the link above.

(NEW YORK) — Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred says there might be no major league games this year after a breakdown in talks between teams and the players’ union on how to split up money in a season delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. The league also revealed several players on big league rosters have tested positive…

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Can you imagine life without baseball- for even one single season? This may be a very likely scenario given the breakdown in talks combined with players being infected with CoVid-19. Details in the article.

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