Germany Quiz Nr. 4: The Answers to the Questions about Lower Saxony

Can you guess what this building is? It's located in Brunswick in Lower Saxony. Photo taken in February 2015

There was a request by one of the readers asking for just some interesting facts about Germany and some of the states instead of the Q & A that has been posted to date. My response is by taking the Q & A away, it will take the art out of finding out the most interesting facts about states, like this one: Lower Saxony.   😉   Admittedly there is so much to write about that even some questions had to be left out of this Quiz on Germany. But admittedly, the questions are a challenge and for those wanting the answers to the facts about this rather populous northern German state and their people, here they are below. Please note, the highlighted names contains links with additional information for you to click on and look at:


Variety Pack Questions:

  1. Eight German States and the Baltic Sea border Lower Saxony, making it the most bordered state in Germany. True of False?

False. Counting the enclavement of Bremen, Lower Saxony is bordered by NINE states (Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt, Hesse, Bremen, and North-Rhine Westphalia), plus the NORTH Sea. It also shares a border with The Netherlands to the west. Now that’s a LOT of states. 

2a. Lower Saxony was officially established after World War II in 1946 and consisted of the mergers of four former kingdoms. Name two of the four kingdoms.  Hanover, Schaumburg-Lippe, Brunswick and Oldenburg

2b. Of the four kingdoms, which one was the largest? Hanover  

Note: It was suggested that a state of Hanover was created through the British Zone, but inspite of debates and protests, all four of the former kingdoms merged to become the state and was subsequentially renamed Lower Saxony. Today the names exists but as part of the 38 districts that exist in the state.

  1. Put the following cities in order based on population from largest to smallest:

Oldenburg    Brunswick (Braunschweig)   Stade    Wolfsburg    Hannover   Lüneburg   Uelzen   Emden  Osnabrück

ANS:  1. Hanover (518,386); 2. Brunswick (247,227); 3. Oldenburg (159,610); 4. Osnabrück (156,315); 5. Wolfsburg (122,457); 6. Lüneburg (73,581) 7. Emden (49,790); 8. Stade (45,317); 9. Uelzen (33,269)

  1. Lower Saxony is ranked SECOND in size behind Bavaria and FOURTH in population behind Bavaria, North Rhine Westphalia and Hesse, but is the state that is the most dense population of Germany.  True or False (just the points in cursive and bold print)

Lower Saxony is ranked fourth in population behind Bavaria, NRW and BADEN-WURTTEMBERG (ans. for 1st part is false)

But the state is the most densely populated in all of Germany. (True)

  1. Which rivers flow through and/or in Lower Saxony? Name three of them.

ANS: Elbe, Oker, Ems, Weser, Aller, Seeve, Aue, and others

  1. Braunkohl is a German vegetable that is well known in Lower Saxony and can be served with a local sausage. True or false?

TRUE: Never mistake this term with Braunkohle (brown coal) that you can find in the Ruhr River region and near Zittau in the Black Triangle Region. Both this rare cabbage type and the local (curry) sausage are a tasty combination.

  1. At Steinhuder Lake,located west of Osnabrück, you will find eels. True or false?

FALSE: True there is a Steinhuder Lake and the eels are easy to find (and delicious when eating them), BUT the lake is northwest of Hanover. 

  1. Das Alte Land, located in the vicinity of the Elbe River north and west of Hamburg is Germany’s fruit garden. Name three fruits that grow there annually.  Apples, Pears, Cherries, Berries, and other fruits. 

Multiple Choice:  Choose the correct city to answer the questions.

  1. Which city is home of one of the three automobile manufacturers in Germany. Choose the city and fill in the blank regarding the car brand. (Hint: Fahrvergnügend is still the most popular car brand in the world.)

a. Wilhelmshaven          b. Wolfsburg         c. Celle       d. Lüneburg      e. Hannover

The car brand?  If you don’t know the car brand VOLKSWAGEN, Das Auto, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. 😉 

  1. Which city in Lower Saxony does not have a college or university?  How many colleges and universities does the state have?  ANS HERE: 26; six of them are in Hanover.

a. Hildesheim     b. Göttingen     c. Hannover    d. Cuxhaven     e. Emden

f. Vechta      g. Bremervörde

  1. In this town (A), you can try a drink with a spoon (B), but don’t forget to say your blessings first. 😉


a. Bad Zwischenahn          b. Bad Brahmburg      c. Leer        d. Norden

e. Bad Oldesloe     f. Brunswick


a. Braunschweiger Mumme      b. Löffeltee      c. Ammerländer Löffeltrunk

d. Angler Muck     e. Toter Bruder


  1. Which city in Lower Saxony is not located in the Harz Mountains? (!: There are two different answers)

a. Goslar           b. Clausthal        c. Wenigerode        d. Osterode      e. Salzgitter       f. Braunlage

  1. Which city does not have a premier league sports team?

a. Buxtehude     b. Hannover      c. Brunswick      d. Emden       e. Oldenburg

  1. The New York Lions in the German American Football League is actually located in which city?

a. Hannover     b. Bremen        c. Brunswick       d. Göttingen     e. Celle

  1. Germany has the only true transporter bridge in left the country. It is located in Lower Saxony in which community?

a. Ostende      b. Hannover     c. Wilhelmshaven     d. Stade     e. Brunswick


  1. The only combination cantilever-suspension-swing bridge left in Germany (and perhaps on European soil) is located in Lower Saxony. Where exactly is this bridge?

a. Göttingen    b. Wilhelmshaven    c. Lauenburg    d. Stadland   e. Hannover         f. Wattenscheid


  1. Which town in Lower Saxony will you most likely find in the US?

a. Emden    b. Bergen     c. Hanover     d. Oldenburg    e. Berne    f. Uelzen

FACT: There are 19 towns in the US that carry the name Hanover, as well as 23 townships. The largest of them is Hanover, New Hampshire, where the state university is located. That one has 11,800 inhabitants.

Celebrities and Birth Places: Determine whether these statements are true or false. If false, correct the statements

  1. Maria Furtwängler, an actress who plays Charlotte Lindholm in the Tatort-Hannover series originates from Hanover.

ANS: False. She was born in Munich and belongs to one of the most powerful dynasties that still exist in Germany today. 

  1. Heiner Brand, head coach of the German National Handball Team, was born and raised in Brunswick.

ANS: False. Brand was born in Gummersbach in North Rhine Westphalia. He is the only German handball player and coach to have won the World Championship both as a player (1978) and a coach (2007). He was coach of the German National Handball Team from 1997 until his resignation in 2011, taking the team all the way to the World Cup Championship in 2007.

  1. In the film the Inglorious Bastards by Quentin Tarrantino, there were no German actors/actresses.

ANS: It would not be typical of the well-cultured producer and director to not have native-born German actors/actresses in a film, whose setting was in Nazi Germany. At least 25 people, including Daniel Brühl and Til Schweiger were casted alongside Brad Pitt in this film. This included Diane Kruger, who was born in Hildesheim (near Hanover) and played Bridget von Hammersmark in the film. A well-thought film produced by a well-known name, but the answer to this question is clearly FALSE!

  1. Gerhard Schröder, the successor of Chancellor Angela Merkel, was born in Mecklenburg-Pommerania but grew up in Lower Saxony.

ANS: False. He was born and raised in Lower Saxony and even started his career in politics during his university days in Göttingen, thus paving a path to chancellorship, which he ruled Germany from 1998 until his landslide defeat in early elections in 2005, into the hands of the country’s current chancellor, Angela Merkel.

  1. Herbert Grönemeyer calls Göttingen home. No wonder because he was born there.

ANS: True. Yet he was born there because his mother brought him into the world through a specialist in a very unusual way (read more here). He however was raised in Bochum in North Rhine Westphalia.

  1. The band The Scorpions was established in Hanover with the lead singer originating from there.

ANS: True. Klause Meine originated from Hanover. Together with Rudolf Schenker (who was born in Hildesheim), the band was founded in Hanover. It is the longest running band in Germany and second longest in the world behind the Rolling Stones, having been in business for over 50 years.

  1. The Creator of English for Runaways originally came from Emden.

ANS: False. Heinz Heygen was born in Frankfurt/Main.

  1.  Chris Barrie, a Hannoverer  who starred in the Tomb Raider movie, grew up in Northern Ireland.

ANS: True

  1. Prince Ernst Augustus of Hanover was born in Hanover.

ANS: It is logical that the Prince, who is married to Princess Caroline of Monaco, and has his residence in Hanover, must be naturally-born Hannoverer. Hence, True. 🙂

BONUS QUESTION: Can you guess what that building in Brunswick is?

The building is the site of the Tauch Center, located across the Oker River from the campus of the Technical University. When it was built and other details is unknown, but you are free to add some information in the comment section if you wish to do that.

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Germany Quiz 2: The Answers to the Questions about Hamburg


And now the moment you all have been waiting for: the answers to the Quiz on the German City-State of Hamburg. To access the quiz (if you have not tried it yet), click here. For those who have yet to visit the city, there are many opportunities to visit the sites, participate in many events in the fine arts sector or just enjoy the daily life as a Hamburger. The answers to the quiz should serve as a small whiff of what you should see in the hanseatic city. The Files will have some additional links to some other sites and sounds at the end of this article. Some other highlighted words in the answers also have links to their sources that will show you some more information about them, so check those out as well.

Let’s get a whiff of what you know about Hamburg, or rephrasing it, what you want to know more about the city 🙂  :

True or False?

  1. Hamburg is bordered by Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Saxony-Anhalt.

ANS: False. Hamburg only borders Lower Saxony and Schleswig Holstein. Mecklenburg-Pommerania is located only 25 km east of the city.

  1. A Hamburger is a person born and raised in Hamburg.

ANS: True

  1. The original sandwich Hamburger did NOT originate from the city of Hamburg

ANS: False. Despite controversy as to its origins, the original Hamburger consisted of minced steak patties, similar to Salisbury steak, on bread. For a time during World War I, the Hamburger was renamed Liberty steak. Yet the first American Hamburger was introduced in 1921 through a restaurant chain White Castle. The rest was history.

  1. The official name of Hamburg is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

ANS:  True

  1. Hamburg is the third largest city in Germany with 1.8 million inhabitants.

ANS: False. Hamburg is the second largest city behind Berlin, surpassing Munich and Cologne

  1. The river passing through the city is the Elbe.

ANS: True

  1. The premier soccer, handball and basketball teams are owned by Hamburger SV

ANS: False. Only HSV has a soccer and handball team in the German Premere League (Bundesliga)

  1. Hamburg has the busiest train station in Europe.

ANS: False. With 450,000 people passing through the station daily, Hamburg is the busiest station in Germany BUT the second busiest in Europe behind Paris’ Gard du Nord.

  1. Pauli has the largest island in Europe.

ANS: False. Wilhelmsburg is the largest island borough in Europe. St. Pauli is located northwest of there.

  1. Hamburg has never hosted the Olympics.

ANS: True. If it wins the bid for the 2024 Olympics, it will be the state’s very first one.

11. Put the following bridges of Hamburg in order beginning with the oldest.

Kersten Miles Bridge (1897)         Hamburg-Harburg Bridge (1899)  Lombard Bridge (1865)

Freihafen Bridge (1917)                Kohlbrand Bridge (1974)              Feenteichbrücke (1884)

ANS: The Lombard Bridge is the oldest, followed by the Feenteich, Kersten Miles, Hamburg-Harburg, Freihafen and lastly, the Kohlbrand. 

  1. The Freihafen Bridge was originally supposed to be a double-decker bridge serving what type of traffic on the upper deck?

ANS: Light rail (S-bahn) and subway (U-bahn) traffic. Unfortunately the rehabilitation in 1926, converting it into a single-level automobile traffic scrapped these plans.

  1. There are more than _______ bridges in Hamburg- more than Venice, Pittsburgh and Berlin.

a. 1500           b. 2000                c. 2500                 d. 3000                e. 3500

ANS: 2,500



Odd One Out: Which of these celebrities was NOT born in Hamburg?

  1. (Actors/ Actresses)   a. Udo Lindenberg    b. Til Schweiger       c. Evelyn Hamann            d. Caroline Beil

ANS: Til Schweiger. He was born in Freiburg im Breisgau. Yet he is in the Tatort Hamburg series.

  1. (Writers)   a. Hans Massaquoi       b. Karen Duve    c. Wolf Biermann             d. Guido Hammesfahr

ANS: Guido Hammesfahr. He is neither a writer nor a Hamburger. He was born in Dierdorf near Neuwied in Rhineland-Palatinate. He plays Fritz Fuchs in the children’s series Löwenzahn. 

  1. (Athletes)    a. Maya Lindholm       b. Richard Marx               c. John Jahr                       d. Anita Felguth

ANS: Richard Marx. He is a American songwriter from Chicago

  1. (Architects)    a.  Heinrich Scheel     b. Carl Theodore Sorensen           c. Friedrich Voss      d. Charles Hartage

ANS: Friedrich Voss. The civil engineer responsible for the Hochdoon, Friedrichstadt and Rendsburg Bridges was born in Braunschweig (Brunswick) in Lower Saxony.

  1. Which of these landmarks do NOT belong to Hamburg?            a. Hamburger Elbharmonie            b. Hafen City       c.Breathing Bridge      d. St. Nicholas Church      e. City Hall       f. Reeperbahn   g. All of them exist.

ANS: All of them exist

  1. The suburb of Wilhelmsburg was the site of two important events in 2013. Name these two worldly renowned events.

ANS: The International Building Expo (IBA) and the German Garden Show (BUGA)

  1. Most of Hamburg’s food specialties uses this important ingredient                                                                                    a. fish            b. chicken           c. pork                 d. beef                 e. shrimp

ANS: Fish


  1. One of the specialties, the Hamburger Labskaus is an entrée that consists of ____________, ________________ and ______________.

ANS: Corned beef, potatoes, beets and onions

  1. Currywurst is a specialty most commonly found in Hamburg. True, false or naja?

ANS: Naja, currywurst is a popular specialty found in Hamburg, however, one can also find it in Berlin, Hanover, Bremen and other parts of northern Germany.


  1. The Berenberg Bank is the ___________ bank in Germany and the ____________ oldest in the world. It was founded in _______________.

ANS: The Berenberg Bank is the oldest bank in Germany and the second oldest in the world. It was founded in 1590 by Paul and Hans Berenberg.


  1. Which of the suburbs will you NOT find in Hamburg?            a. Hafen City              b. Altona             c. Harburg           d. Wilhelmsburg               e. Hamm            f. Horn                        g. Elmshorn        h. Pinneberg       i. Lurup                j. All of them exist in HH.

ANS: Elmshorn. Albeit located near Hamburg, it is an independent city located in Schleswig-Holstein.

  1. Refer to Nr. 24 and identify which of the suburbs of Hamburg will you most commonly find in the US?

ANS: Altona. With only one ‘o’ you’ll find Altona in six US states, Manitoba, Ontario (Canada), the Virgin Islands and Victoria (Australia). With two ‘Os’, Altoona can be found in seven US states, including Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida and Wisconsin.

For more information about Hamburg, here are a series of links for you to look at and plan your trip:

The Bridges of Hamburg:

The City of Hamburg Tourism:

Official Hamburg website:

Hamburg Portal:

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