Germany Quiz 2: The Answers to the Questions about Hamburg


And now the moment you all have been waiting for: the answers to the Quiz on the German City-State of Hamburg. To access the quiz (if you have not tried it yet), click here. For those who have yet to visit the city, there are many opportunities to visit the sites, participate in many events in the fine arts sector or just enjoy the daily life as a Hamburger. The answers to the quiz should serve as a small whiff of what you should see in the hanseatic city. The Files will have some additional links to some other sites and sounds at the end of this article. Some other highlighted words in the answers also have links to their sources that will show you some more information about them, so check those out as well.

Let’s get a whiff of what you know about Hamburg, or rephrasing it, what you want to know more about the city 🙂  :

True or False?

  1. Hamburg is bordered by Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Saxony-Anhalt.

ANS: False. Hamburg only borders Lower Saxony and Schleswig Holstein. Mecklenburg-Pommerania is located only 25 km east of the city.

  1. A Hamburger is a person born and raised in Hamburg.

ANS: True

  1. The original sandwich Hamburger did NOT originate from the city of Hamburg

ANS: False. Despite controversy as to its origins, the original Hamburger consisted of minced steak patties, similar to Salisbury steak, on bread. For a time during World War I, the Hamburger was renamed Liberty steak. Yet the first American Hamburger was introduced in 1921 through a restaurant chain White Castle. The rest was history.

  1. The official name of Hamburg is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

ANS:  True

  1. Hamburg is the third largest city in Germany with 1.8 million inhabitants.

ANS: False. Hamburg is the second largest city behind Berlin, surpassing Munich and Cologne

  1. The river passing through the city is the Elbe.

ANS: True

  1. The premier soccer, handball and basketball teams are owned by Hamburger SV

ANS: False. Only HSV has a soccer and handball team in the German Premere League (Bundesliga)

  1. Hamburg has the busiest train station in Europe.

ANS: False. With 450,000 people passing through the station daily, Hamburg is the busiest station in Germany BUT the second busiest in Europe behind Paris’ Gard du Nord.

  1. Pauli has the largest island in Europe.

ANS: False. Wilhelmsburg is the largest island borough in Europe. St. Pauli is located northwest of there.

  1. Hamburg has never hosted the Olympics.

ANS: True. If it wins the bid for the 2024 Olympics, it will be the state’s very first one.

11. Put the following bridges of Hamburg in order beginning with the oldest.

Kersten Miles Bridge (1897)         Hamburg-Harburg Bridge (1899)  Lombard Bridge (1865)

Freihafen Bridge (1917)                Kohlbrand Bridge (1974)              Feenteichbrücke (1884)

ANS: The Lombard Bridge is the oldest, followed by the Feenteich, Kersten Miles, Hamburg-Harburg, Freihafen and lastly, the Kohlbrand. 

  1. The Freihafen Bridge was originally supposed to be a double-decker bridge serving what type of traffic on the upper deck?

ANS: Light rail (S-bahn) and subway (U-bahn) traffic. Unfortunately the rehabilitation in 1926, converting it into a single-level automobile traffic scrapped these plans.

  1. There are more than _______ bridges in Hamburg- more than Venice, Pittsburgh and Berlin.

a. 1500           b. 2000                c. 2500                 d. 3000                e. 3500

ANS: 2,500



Odd One Out: Which of these celebrities was NOT born in Hamburg?

  1. (Actors/ Actresses)   a. Udo Lindenberg    b. Til Schweiger       c. Evelyn Hamann            d. Caroline Beil

ANS: Til Schweiger. He was born in Freiburg im Breisgau. Yet he is in the Tatort Hamburg series.

  1. (Writers)   a. Hans Massaquoi       b. Karen Duve    c. Wolf Biermann             d. Guido Hammesfahr

ANS: Guido Hammesfahr. He is neither a writer nor a Hamburger. He was born in Dierdorf near Neuwied in Rhineland-Palatinate. He plays Fritz Fuchs in the children’s series Löwenzahn. 

  1. (Athletes)    a. Maya Lindholm       b. Richard Marx               c. John Jahr                       d. Anita Felguth

ANS: Richard Marx. He is a American songwriter from Chicago

  1. (Architects)    a.  Heinrich Scheel     b. Carl Theodore Sorensen           c. Friedrich Voss      d. Charles Hartage

ANS: Friedrich Voss. The civil engineer responsible for the Hochdoon, Friedrichstadt and Rendsburg Bridges was born in Braunschweig (Brunswick) in Lower Saxony.

  1. Which of these landmarks do NOT belong to Hamburg?            a. Hamburger Elbharmonie            b. Hafen City       c.Breathing Bridge      d. St. Nicholas Church      e. City Hall       f. Reeperbahn   g. All of them exist.

ANS: All of them exist

  1. The suburb of Wilhelmsburg was the site of two important events in 2013. Name these two worldly renowned events.

ANS: The International Building Expo (IBA) and the German Garden Show (BUGA)

  1. Most of Hamburg’s food specialties uses this important ingredient                                                                                    a. fish            b. chicken           c. pork                 d. beef                 e. shrimp

ANS: Fish


  1. One of the specialties, the Hamburger Labskaus is an entrée that consists of ____________, ________________ and ______________.

ANS: Corned beef, potatoes, beets and onions

  1. Currywurst is a specialty most commonly found in Hamburg. True, false or naja?

ANS: Naja, currywurst is a popular specialty found in Hamburg, however, one can also find it in Berlin, Hanover, Bremen and other parts of northern Germany.


  1. The Berenberg Bank is the ___________ bank in Germany and the ____________ oldest in the world. It was founded in _______________.

ANS: The Berenberg Bank is the oldest bank in Germany and the second oldest in the world. It was founded in 1590 by Paul and Hans Berenberg.


  1. Which of the suburbs will you NOT find in Hamburg?            a. Hafen City              b. Altona             c. Harburg           d. Wilhelmsburg               e. Hamm            f. Horn                        g. Elmshorn        h. Pinneberg       i. Lurup                j. All of them exist in HH.

ANS: Elmshorn. Albeit located near Hamburg, it is an independent city located in Schleswig-Holstein.

  1. Refer to Nr. 24 and identify which of the suburbs of Hamburg will you most commonly find in the US?

ANS: Altona. With only one ‘o’ you’ll find Altona in six US states, Manitoba, Ontario (Canada), the Virgin Islands and Victoria (Australia). With two ‘Os’, Altoona can be found in seven US states, including Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida and Wisconsin.

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