Germany Quiz 2: What to know about Hamburg

Hamburg City Hall. Photo taken by Daniel Schwen. Link:
Hamburg City Hall. Photo taken by Daniel Schwen. Link:

Located on the Elbe, Hamburg is a metropolis that has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. It has transformed itself from a large shipping port to a city laden with modern architecture, renewable energy sources, entertainment and communication and lastly, a cosmopolitan environment attracting many people from different regions and cultures. The city is recently in the running for the 2024 Olympics and if it wins the right to host the Games, it will serve as a complement to not only the image of the city’s sporting scene, as it prides itself on  storied soccer and handball teams. It would beef up the city’s image even further.

But what do we know about Hamburg? Imagine the author being new to Germany and has never been to Hamburg (admittedly, he has only passed through the city many times without spending at least a couple hours sight-seeing). What is there to see?

Before finding out, a guessing quiz has been provided about Hamburg with 25 questions for you to answer and comment on. Between now and Good Friday (3 April), you will have a chance to take a stab at the questions, with the answers being provided before Easter. The time frame is short because of Easter and therefore the plan to provide the readers with another quiz on another German state, the questions in the guessing quiz is a bit easier and reader friendlier than the first one on Schleswig-Holstein, thus allowing the quiz to be done more quickly- that is if you are beating the deadline. 😉

So without further ado, here are the questions about Hamburg. Best of luck with the questions and the challenge:

True or False?

  1. Hamburg is bordered by Mecklenburg-Pommerania, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Saxony-Anhalt.
  2. The Hamburger is a person born and raised in Hamburg.
  3. The original sandwich Hamburger did NOT originate from the city of Hamburg
  4. The official name of Hamburg is the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg
  5. Hamburg is the third largest city in Germany with 1.8 million inhabitants.
  6. The river passing through the city is the Elbe.
  7. The premier soccer, handball and basketball teams are owned by Hamburger SV
  8. Hamburg has the busiest train station in Europe.
  9. Pauli has the largest island in Europe.
  10. Hamburg has never hosted the Olympics.
  1. Put the following bridges of Hamburg in order beginning with the oldest.

Kersten Miles Bridge                      Hamburg-Harburg Bridge             Lombard Bridge

Freihafen Bridge                             Kohlbrand Bridge                            Feenteichbrücke

  1. The Freihafen Bridge was originally supposed to be a double-decker bridge serving what type of traffic on the upper deck?
  1. There are more than _______ bridges in Hamburg- more than Venice, Pittsburgh and Berlin.

a.   1500          b. 2000                c. 2500                d. 3000                e. 3500

Odd One Out: Which of these celebrities was NOT born in Hamburg?

14. (Actors/ Actresses)  

a. Udo Lindenberg     b. Til Schweiger                c. Evelyn Hamann            d. Caroline Beil

15. (Writers)  

a.Hans Massaquoi           b. Karen Duve                   c. Wolf Biermann             d. Guido Hammesfahr

16. (Athletes)    

a. Maya Lindholm              b. Richard Marx                c. John Jahr                       d. Anita Felguth

  17. (Architects)  

a.  Heinrich Scheel      b. Carl Theodore Sorensen      c. Friedrich Voss  d. Charles Hartage

18. Which of these landmarks do NOT belong to Hamburg?        

a. Hamburger Elbharmonie     b. Hafen City     c. Breathing Bridge           d. St. Nicholas Church

e. City Hall              f. Reeperbahn                        g. All of them exist.

  1. The suburb of Wilhelmsburg was the site of two important events in 2013. Name these two worldly renowned events.
  1. Most of Hamburg’s food specialties uses this important ingredient                                                                                a. fish           b. chicken           c. pork                 d. beef                 e. shrimp
  1. One of the specialties, the Hamburger Labskaus is an entrée that consists of ____________, ________________ and ______________.
  1. Currywurst is a specialty most commonly found in Hamburg. True, false or naja?
  1. The Berenberg Bank is the ___________ bank in Germany and the ____________ oldest in the world. It was founded in _______________.

  24.  Which of the suburbs will you NOT find in Hamburg?  

a. Hafen City      b. Altona             c. Harburg       d. Wilhelmsburg               e. Hamm

f. Horn       g. Elmshorn        h. Pinneberg       i. Lurup           j. All of them exist in HH.

  1. Refer to Nr. 24 and identify which of the suburbs of Hamburg will you most commonly find in the US?

Hamburg in 2024!

German Olympic Committee Recommends Hamburg over Berlin as Host for 2024 Summer Olympic Games- Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Pommerania and Lower Saxony to Benefit from the Games

Hamburg Central Station to be a bit more crowded should it win the 2024 Olympic bid. Photo taken in 2011
Hamburg Central Station to be a bit more crowded should it win the 2024 Olympic bid. Photo taken in 2011

FRANKFURT (MAIN)- It came down to two of the five major German metropolises to host the 2024 Olympic Games- Berlin or Hamburg. Both of them in the northern half of the country. The German capital last hosted it in 1936, less than three years before World War II broke out. Being the third time it would have hosted the Games, it has the 1936 stadium, various sporting complexes and various lakes. Hamburg is an up and coming city. The second largest city has a dense and advanced infrastructure, is modernized and environmentally friendly and has direct access to the Baltic Sea through neighboring Schleswig-Holstein.

Therefore, it came as no surprise that the German Olympic Committee at a meeting in Frankfurt (Main) last night has recommended the candidate for the 2024 games goes to (drumroll, please…..)


There are many reasons why the hanseatic city deserves the bid over the German capital. Hamburg has become a tourist appeal in the last 10+ years thanks to the efforts of modernizing the city to meet the demands of the population, while at the same time, bring the city and its history and culture to the forefront. Much of which you will find in the video clips below, and the Files will feature the city as the next candidate for Germany’s 25th anniversary quiz to be presented on the 24th of March. It was the host of the 2013 German Floral Show (Bundesgartenschau) with one of the largest suburbs, Wilhelmsburg being the pet for the International Building Exhibition, which ended in 2013. Once relying on coal and nuclear power, the city has embraced various forms of renewable energy, through wind, hydro and geothermal. The city prides itself on its sports teams in soccer, handball and basketball, to name a few. Plus with its sound infrastructure, one can reach the Baltic Sea in no less than 45 minutes and the North Sea in less than an hour.

The plan of the city to host the 2024 Games is easy: make it small and simple. A Olympic complex on the island of Kleinen Grasbrook that is to be a sports complex afterwards. Grasbrook was once an industrial complex. Basketball, soccer and handball would be played in the northern cities of Bremen, Cuxhaven, Travemünde, Rostock, Kiel and Flensburg, just to name a few. Boating and yachting either in Travemünde or Kiel. For Kiel, it would be blessing as it had last hosted this event in 1972. For the northern German states of Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg-Pommerania and Lower Saxony, helping to shoulder the burden of the events (and the costs) Hamburg will have to face will make the northern region a very attractive place during the Summer Games. Speaking from the point of view of the expat looking in, the northern half of the country prides itself on it sporting events that do not require hills and mountains, but on courts and nets or in the water. So having Hamburg as the candidate for the Games is no surprise for it has what the athletes need and then some. When spending time in the region, one will want to come back again and again, because of the people, the culture, the landscape, the landscape, and lastly, the mentality where simplicity and friendliness trumps all the complications an even bigger city has, let alone all the extravaganzas that many hosts have overdone in the previous Olympics, like in Athens or Peking.

However, despite the recommendations, all is not set in stone for Hamburg. An extraordinary meeting takes place on March 21st, where the German Olympic Committee board members are expected to confirm Hamburg’s nomination. Hamburg will be competing with Boston for the rights to host the Games, with the decision to be made in Lima, Peru in 2017. Should the International Olympics Committee vote in favor of the German City-State, it will be Hamburg’s very first time, and one where many athletes, politicians and the majority of the population in the city and the affected northern states believe that the city deserves, given its pride in sports and its recent developments in their favor.

And if Hamburg wins and does a great job in hosting the games, it would not be surprising if it becomes the main go-to city for future Games, surpassing Berlin or even Munich (at least as far as the Summer Games are concerned), not just because of its attractiveness and its simplicity in planning its events, but because of its access to areas where people pride themselves in their own sporting events. And with that, the Files is throwing its support to Hamburg in hopes that the decision in 2017 falls in their favor. Best of luck and let’s bring the torch to Hollen Nord, shall we? 😀

Some reasons why one should visit Hamburg can be found here:

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Reminder: You still have one week to finish Germany’s first quiz on the northernmost German state of Schleswig-Holstein. To get access to the quiz, click here. The answers will come on March 24th, the same day as the quiz on Hamburg will be presented.