German economy heading for contraction in Q1, Bundesbank says

FRANKFURT, March 20 (Reuters) – Germany’s economy will shrink again in the first quarter of the year and underlying inflation could prove to be stubborn even if overall price growth is likely to slow sharply soon, the Bundesbank said in a monthly report on Monday. Europe’s biggest economy contracted by 0.4% in the final quarter […]

German economy heading for contraction in Q1, Bundesbank says

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Photo Flick Nr. 92


This photo was taken in the south of Leipzig recently and it can be viewed in one of two ways. One is the husband who ran out of beer after the last barrel was emptied. The other was that there was no drinking water, as seen in the sign below. In any case, the wife is angry at the confused husband and eventually sends him out to get some, regardless of how and where.

A modern form of Jack and the Beanstalk if you ask me. 😁

You will find this at the campus of the HTWK- The Leipzig College of Sciences, located in the suburb of Connewitz, one of the largest “Fachhochschulen” in Germany with over 6500 students and eight areas of studies including engineering and technology as well as sociology, business and architecture.