Trier – Rome of the North; Abdul Rastagar; Dave’s Travel Corner

Trier is the UNESCO World Heritage city you’ve never heard of. While you were busy swooning over Berlin’s modern architecture or Munich’s copious beer gardens, you’ve missed Germany’s most remarkable city, quietly minding its own business along the banks of the Mosel river, the way it always has for two and a half millennia. Visiting […]

Trier – Rome of the North; Abdul Rastagar; Dave’s Travel Corner

Karl Marx Street in Saarbrücken

As a former working-class city, Saarbrücken is one of the few cities in the western part of Germany that has a street named after Karl Marx (1818-1883), the founder of scientific socialism and author of Das Kapital. Marx was born in Trier, which is a hundred or so kilometers downstream from Saarbrücken, just past the […]

Karl Marx Street in Saarbrücken

A look at Saarbrücken courtesy of Neromino’s Travels. Part 1.