Going to school in Germany is awful – very awful!

The German education system is excessively in need of reform, especially the primary and secondary education. While colleges and universities are very liberal, as educators have the possibility to use their own methodology, didactic and content, the primary and secondary education is very limited in its possibilities. It is more or less built upon the […]

Going to school in Germany is awful – very awful!

Nine years ago I did a series on my experiences teaching in a German High School (D: Gymnasium) entitled In School In Germany, which you can find in the Files by clicking on the link below 👇

Link: https://flensburgerfiles.wordpress.com/in-school-in-germany/


Fast forward to 2023 and this columnist has a lot to say about the country’s school system, which is in dire need of reforms. Click on the link at the beginning of the article, read it and feel free to comment.

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