Opera without sound

Kleve is a town in the Lower Rhine region of northwestern Germany,near the dutch border and the river Rhine.From the 11th century onwards, was capital of a countyand later a duchy – inhabited for at least 1000 years.Today, a district in the german state of North Rhine-Westphalia.Just over 50,000 inhabitants now. As usual inspired by […]

Opera without sound

Photo Flick Nr. 90

February 24th marks the one year anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. On that day in 2022, Russian forces marched into Europe’s bread basket and tried to capture Kyiv, with their mission to annex the country into the federation and win back the country that was lost to independence, when it broke away in 1991. The war between Russia and Ukraine hashad implications that has changed the political landscape forever. After 32 years of peace, war has arrived on Europe’s (and the West’s) footsteps, and we are starting to see now who is on our side and who is not. Only time will tell whether the two conflicting sides will cease fire and make peace or if Nostradamus’ prediction of World War III will come true.

This Photo Flick pays tribute to the men and women of Ukraine, who have fought courageously to defend their country and its 1200+ years of heritage. These people risked their lives because their heritage and their home are the most important aspects in their lives and judging by how they have successfully repelled the Russians, they will continue to defend their country, well after the war is over. As long as they fight, we will support them. As long as war continues, we will continue to find peace, for that is the only variable that is viable, especially for the next generations.

This photo was taken by Daggi Wien and the mural of two birds- one symbolizing Ukraine and the other peace, was found during her trip to Canada last year in Toronto.


The Files has a series devoted to Ukraine, which includes literature and photos. You will find them in the categories Literature and Genre Tips and Photo Flick. Check them out and there are more to add in the near future.


The ancient wishing well of Germering

In the Bavarian village of Germering, just west of Munich, Southern Germany, archaeologists have excavated about 70 wells dating from the Bronze Age to the early Middle Ages, but one stood out clearly from the rest. And this was not only due to the exceptionally good condition of this well, but also to the unusual…

The ancient wishing well of Germering

This discovery can be read in The Random Times by clicking on the link above.


Going to school in Germany is awful – very awful!

The German education system is excessively in need of reform, especially the primary and secondary education. While colleges and universities are very liberal, as educators have the possibility to use their own methodology, didactic and content, the primary and secondary education is very limited in its possibilities. It is more or less built upon the […]

Going to school in Germany is awful – very awful!

Nine years ago I did a series on my experiences teaching in a German High School (D: Gymnasium) entitled In School In Germany, which you can find in the Files by clicking on the link below 👇

Link: https://flensburgerfiles.wordpress.com/in-school-in-germany/


Fast forward to 2023 and this columnist has a lot to say about the country’s school system, which is in dire need of reforms. Click on the link at the beginning of the article, read it and feel free to comment.

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs on Pexels.com


Picnic on the Old Iron Bridge- by Jason D. Smith — The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles

On a warm sunny day Biking on the highway My wife and I are happy To spend this day freely. . On this paved highway We find along the way An old, unused iron bridge Just over the ridge. . On this old iron bridge We find an old fridge And an old worn-out sofa […]

Picnic on the Old Iron Bridge- by Jason D. Smith — The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles

Poem about a picnic on a relict found over the ridge, one with lots of surprises. Courtesy of The Bridgehunter’s Chronicles.


Spielberg, 76, wins Berlin lifetime award

BERLIN  (Reuters) – Director Steven Spielberg, picking up a lifetime achievement award at the Berlin Film Festival, said the prospect of making new films continued to excite him at 76, and unveiled new details of his planned HBO series. The director, whose credits include some of the biggest-grossing and best-loved works in cinema history, including […]

Spielberg, 76, wins Berlin lifetime award

From E.T. to the Fabelmanns, Schindler’s List to Jaws, Spielberg has given us almost a half century of the most impressive movies in our lifetime. Congratulations on receiving another Lifetime Achievement this time from Germany! Well done! 🏆


Photo Flick Nr. 89

Another trait that has made Germany a popular place for tourists are the murals on houses and buildings. Introduced after 2000, we have been seeing them pop up from everywhere in a typical German community. Artists inspire themselves by creating a theme- a theme that makes a statement and that people can see them, think about them and in some cases, relate them to what is happening in our real world.

They are also the talk of dinner-table discussions and this provocative form of artwork is one of them. It’s located in Chemnitz in the state of Saxony and it features a girl who is squatting down somewhere in the hallway and staring at us. The expression is open and we don’t know what she is thinking or what she is doing?

What do you think she is doing? What does this mural tell us? Feel free to comment in the section below. 🙂