Photo Flick Nr. 87

This winter has been the the winter of two worlds when looking at the Northern Hemisphere. As mentioned in a previous article, Europe is undergoing an unprecedented heatwave like no other, with temperatures hovering around 20°C on average, and next to no snowfall or other precipitation in many areas. Records fell during the period between Christmas and New Year. On the American side, we see a totally opposite story, where snow storms have dumped between 1-3 meters of snow, focing numerous cancellations of flights, public events like concerts, church services and conventions, Christmas events getting cancelled, and even professional sports events being either relocated or postponed. And while many here in Europe enjoyed some grilling instead of skiing, Americans and Canadians had to endure a lockdown of their own, with empty streets, like in this picture. Taken in New York’s borough of Manhattan, the snowstorm was so severe that traffic was brought to a complete standstill, resulting in empty streets, except for one person who braved the cold to bike to his destination, no matter where he was going. Whoever took this shot, which was found on facebook, had a great eye for photography as it was taken at night, when the storm was at its ultimate worst.

It also serves as a reminder of how we should prepare for the unexpected, speaking from experience, especially after enduring such a storm of biblical and schizophrenic proportions like it happened during the Great Winter of 1978/79 in Europe and especially northern Germany. If you want to learn more about it and the German language, click on the link below and enjoy the documentaries enclosed. 🙂

Link: Schneekatastrophe 1978/79 In Pictures; From the Attic: Blizzard 1978/79