Guessing Quiz: What is this?

Your guessing quiz Christmas edition takes us to the north of Germany, where this decoration can be found on the windows of some homes. Two questions I have for you are the following:

  1. What is the name of this window decoration?

a. Yuletide Arch b. Jöölboom c. Yo-yo Christmas Tree d. Frisan Christmas Tree


2. Where will you find this decoration? Name the German state and the region both. (!: For the category region, there are two anwers possible)

State: a. Schleswig-Holstein b. Mecklenburg-Pommerania c. Berlin d. Brandenburg e. Lower Saxony

Region: a. Sylt b. Müritz c. Fehmarn d. Lüneberg Heide e. Halligen Islands f. Havelland Region h. Region Oder/Neisse i. Elbe River Valley j. Usedom k. Rügen l. Dithmarschen Region m. Hamburg Metro



Take a guess at the answers. We will give you the details and history right before Christmas. Have fun! 🙂




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