Trees use water more efficiently due to climate change

An international investigation, in which the Center for Ecological Research and Forestry Applications of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (CREAF-UAB) has participated, has shown that trees and forests are “learning” to adapt to climate change and make more use of efficient water they receive. The study, published in the PNAS magazine, has revealed that forests […]

Trees use water more efficiently due to climate change

Another reason why trees are important and we should not only save them, but also plant more of them. Courtesy of Ground Report. 😊



Dessert Adventure in Vienna — Dessert Correspondents

Waltzing through Vienna’s Christmas Markets and cakes. – It’s hard to imagine that it was this time two years ago, in 2019 — before Covid — when we traipsed through the Christmas Markets of the Czech Republic and Austria.  If Prague in December is magical, Vienna is resplendent.  The magnetic meeting spot for so many incomparable classical […]

Dessert Adventure in Vienna — Dessert Correspondents

Christmas Market in Vienna, Part 2, this time dealing with desserts to try while there. Courtesy of Dessert Correspondents.