Why COP 27 failed?

The 27th UN climate talks, or COP 27, ended in Egypt and it failed in addressing major concerns about climate change. While important decisions were taken in this conference to reduce the impact on the most vulnerable people of the climate crisis, nothing much was seen or heard in this dialogue to address the causes […]

Why COP 27 failed?



Is it important to warm up your car in winter before driving?

Winter has started, and in many places, the temperature has started going to minus. This is a challenging season for car drivers as most people have a common understanding that they need to leave their car to warm up in the morning before driving. Many people start and leave their car for 15-20 minutes, but […]

Is it important to warm up your car in winter before driving?

In Germany it’s against the law to do that and leave the car sitting for one could face €80 and a point from Flensburg. US states have similar laws, especially in the Northeast.


Heatwave: Last month was fourth warmest October in 143 years

The signs of climate change continue. This week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA) published a statement warning that October 2022 was the fourth warmest October on record, that is, 143 years ago. As reported by that body, the temperature of the past month has only been exceeded by October […]

Heatwave: Last month was fourth warmest October in 143 years

Germany set an all-time record for having the warmest and driest month with average temperature readings of between 25 & 27°C, normal highs are 10-15°C.